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In this video I’m sharing a week of vegan dinner ideas!
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・ more videos ・
a day in my life → https://youtu.be/x4anX8mDx0Q
3 vegan breakfast ideas → https://youtu.be/sg51-gP0wo8
pumpkin spice scones → https://youtu.be/4di3Oe7zADE

・ tools used in this video ・
grill pan* → http://amzn.to/2Axrm8x
my stand mixer → http://amzn.to/2zgrzf7
silicone pastry mat → http://amzn.to/2iRHgmv
air fryer → http://amzn.to/2Ai3Xda
rainbow whisk → http://amzn.to/2hV4Fmo
nonstick wok → http://amzn.to/2Ap7Gnf
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・ connect with me ・
instagram → @thesarahsullivan
facebook page → https://www.facebook.com/SarahsVeganKitchen/
email → thesarahsullivan@gmail.com
pinterest → https://www.pinterest.com/sarahsvegankitchen/

・ printable recipes ・
sweet potato peanut butter stew
jackfruit + chickpea “tuna” salad

・ about this video ・
filmed with canon t5i → http://amzn.to/2BlkD1u
edited with final cut pro x
music → “i found me” by lakey inspired


Dashawn Melvin says:

Looked great!!!!

g4n6 says:

Can you put these recipes ina. Printable version or in the title section?

F. Ball says:

Nice I will follow you now. I use squarespace and I am a photographer. i think squarespace originally were designing for photographer??? not sure but that is what it looked like though. Sarah this lady has some great sources for items and she has a site on you tube as well Jill Dalton whole food plant based cooking show. I resource a lot of my items from her as well. thought you might like to know, Thanks for your videos. Canada eh!

sabrina hamrick says:

You're amazing

Eline S says:

If you are looking for a quick pizza crust just mix up some vegan unflavoured yoghurt with some flower and kneed it until it is a dough and you can use it right away! It is super fluffy and light and you dont taste the yoghurt at all 😋

Amber A. says:

Do you have a grocery list? :0

Tori F says:

I literally want to try every single one of these meals! Awesome video!

Briana John says:

That pizza looks amazing 🤤

CBD IsLife says:

omg whole foods now has let they food ranch. no oil. just cashews, onion, garlic, cane sugar so yum!

Joshua Murphy says:

Hello, great video. I just tried to use your thrive link, I followed the link to their website and clicked "get started" but it didn't work. Just thought you should know I guess. Thanks again for the video.

Guille says:

what are those bases you have on top of the oven tray

kim sloan says:

Hey Sarah! Love your channel and all your fabulous recipes!! Do you happen to have the printable recipe for the Indian butter chicken inspired recipe? I would love to try it!! Thank you in advance! 😊

Chemese says:

That pizza needs it's own video.

Renee Lass says:

Wtf is tofu? Like… Jenna marbles fries it… ? I wanna try it out … But scared to sooo.

Rachel Salazar says:

Your link to the "tuna" salad recipe is broken. I was able to find the recipe through your website though. Just wanted to let you know!:) Love your videos.

Marina Lobo says:

Wow, this is amazing. Just made your sweet potato stew. Substituted collard greens for kale and this is phenomenal, thanks for sharing. I could easily see this being fantastic with rice noodles added instead of potato too, kinda like a spicey pad Thai soup/stew.

4mpersand says:

Please don’t use your mixer paddle with fully formed dough – you can burn out your machine! Once mixed, swap to the dough hook and let it go slow and steady for about 10 minutes. The texture is definitely worth the wait!

Katya Oh says:

What kind of kimchi do you use? I remember seeing someone on YouTube recommend good vegan kimchi and i forgot the brand 🙁

D P says:

Can you show how to make oyster mushrooms, the kind that are about 5 inches long? What ever I do, they are always rubbery

E T says:

Hey Sarah! =) Love all of these recipes! I have a quick question. On the last recipe, the masala dish, you skipped a seasoning. You only said 4 but I see 5. Is that 5th seasoning chili powder or paprika? Love you and thank you!

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