When Vegan Isn't Woke Enough (Re: Is It Wrong To Be Vegan?)

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Maybe using others as an excuse not to go vegan isn’t very woke. And please shut up about quinoa.

0:00 – Intro
2:24 – Don’t be fruitarian
4:04 – Hey guys, did you hear about cars?
6:31 – Vegan is too much, I guess?
8:36 – Farkin white people
13:41 – Quinoa because of course
15:01 – Using Indigenous cultures as a shield SO PROGRESSIVE!
18:44 – Everyone can’t go vegan so nobody should?
19:39 – It’s all about balance or something
23:51 – Final thoughts

Is It Wrong To Be Vegan?

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grace o'sullivan says:

Are people gunna be cancelled for eating a curry now. Wtf

Miss Anthropy says:

I’m of German and Scandinavian descent. Does that means I can only eat soy schnitzel, seitan würst, lefse, sauerkraut, and whatever the hell the vegan version of lutefisk is? I mean, people of all backgrounds eat brats, burgers, frankfurters, Wiener schnitzel, strudel, sourdough, beer, schnapps, vodka, and Kringel. These are all things my culture made. If I don’t give a flying fuck that many nations have appropriated these foods, why should anyone care if I like eating stir fry, burritos, and curries? Seriously, if a vegan lefse isn’t offensive, neither is a vegan samosa. And really, the fact that the cultural background of a person doesn’t match the food they’re eating is more concerning than whether the food was or was not a product of violence and exploitation of sentient creatures? Priorities 🙄

Radical Honesty says:

It seems so wildly impossible to imagine that the people still willfully in a comatose state after a year of this insanity… will ever wake up.
I don't know what to think any more…
Sometimes I'm certain it's all a mass awakening happening at turtle-speed, and all is perfect; divine timing.
Other times… watching zombies in masks, salivating with excitement over the mark of the beast… that's when I lose my ability to hold on to hope…
(I also heard David icke speak in an interview about the coming of 6g and 7g! How will humanity survive that?)

twentyfivekgplants tomake1kgbeef says:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

twentyfivekgplants tomake1kgbeef says:

damn the meat industry is really doing damage control

91Rapunzel says:

Wow! These claims are insane! Would people who eat cow burgers or Chinese food get one word said to them about their environmental impact or cultural appropriation? No? Only the vegans? What the heck?! 😑

Yo Lo says:

You do realize vegans are a tiny minority right? Even those on the left side of politics.

Christina BlackFeather says:

Sadly, we eat. It’s going to cause environmental damage . There are 7 billion of us!

I don’t like their series though.

Yo Lo says:

I eat meat all day every meal and snack j. Order to counter 2-3, vegans ^.^

perigee p says:

I’m loving this ‘but nomads’ as the new ‘what if you were on a desert island?’ take. I can’t believe I bought a beyond burger when I could’ve cycled to Iran for a cow

Maylee Cao says:

Nothing is woke enough for the left. Everything has to be inclusive.

Peter Mueller says:

As a German I allow you to use cars, bicycles and motorcycles as much as you want, we invented all of these and a lot more. Unless you are "woke" of course, then please stop appropriating my culture, you can walk, ride horses or donkeys to get around. And no more sauerkraut for you!

Eric F. Garayua says:

I become a vegan in 2016, thanks to Dr Sebi; the most famous african american vegan. The other one that really influenced me, was Prof. Spira (mucus less diet healing system). He is an african american too.

Trigger Happy says:

Great video again!

Ben Gaffney says:

that channel is so stupid now lol

hayley ortega says:

I only watch Goodful for Merle. I have subscribed and unsubscribed from them multiple times because they are not a 100% vegan channel and I do not always agree with them

Dani GDB says:

I guess I can eat my quinoa and my brazilian nuts in peace since I'm a latina?

Marin Marin says:

Swayze! You briefly mentioned some kind of new BC you were on that really really helped with your heavy periods. Could you share which one it is? I’ve been trying different ones for years to no avail. So I’m super curious so hear what worked for you.

M B says:

I totally get not wanting to fetishize or overstate the moral or ecological consequences of vegetarian or vegan diets. Most carbon emissions are from industry not individual consumption (and the effort to frame ecological problems as the latter is a way of letting industry escape culpability. Generally speaking, it’s really problematic to go the ‘identitarian vegan’ route wherein that becomes your entire lens for political engagement. As much as we might want to believe otherwise, whether or not a given individual eats animal products or not is a rather narrow and specific issue which doesn’t have much extension beyond broader concerns of animal welfare and supporting factory farming practices.

Like being vegan is, to me, unambiguously morally better, but it’s only better on this one issue, you can’t extrapolate from this whether a person’s other values or politics are at all conducive to addressing the broader systematic problems driving our ecology and societies to the brink. Like why the fuck would our mere patterns of consumption or the things we buy be the limits of what we can do morally? And this is a broader problem in groups ‘left of center’. Consideration for social justice as a motive has to be joined with good and incisive social criticism otherwise you end up fixating on a bunch of incidental and lower impact stuff. For instance neoliberal vegans are a fucking trip. If you care about animal welfare you have to care about universal human welfare, these issues cannot be separated. Capitalism drives both the horrible practices of factory farming and humanity’s alienation from itself. You’re never going to get satisfactory animal rights as long as our fellows are still in economic and social bondage, because our ability to decide what to do with creatures that can’t speak for themselves (animals), is just the natural conclusion of how we treat our ‘lesser’ fellows.

That said cultural appropriation has always been BS, or rather it’s use in common discourse. Cultural appropriation is just a descriptive term, not a prescriptive one meant to say whether appropriation is normatively good or bad.

Rebekah Letchworth says:

Wow. That video was just… absolutely inane and ridiculous on so many levels. Thank you for addressing it!

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