Baked Tomatoes & Potatoes (A classic Italian vegetarian dish)

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Housefull Of Happiness says:

What did you eat alongside this. Rice or bread?

* says:

I made this last night it was actually very delicious! So simple too! Thanks!


It came out extraordinary when I tried it😃

Maria Saxon says:

Thank you! Looking forward to trying this! I'm craving Potatoes & Tomatoes so I just searched for a recipe 🙂

Saru Saru says:

Vegans don’t eat cheese, you ignorant person.

Mary C says:

This sounds delish. Is there a written recipe somewhere ? I would love to make this but would also like to know the amount of each ingredient. Thanks for any help!

priya kanoria says:

going to try it

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says:

Enjoyed your video!

YanElesky says:

Looks deliciousss I will tryyy 🙂

TheCulinarycorner says:

I make in the morning and bake after work. Some times I forget to take a photo.It was really nice.

Sanam's Kitchen says:

It would be great to see in a serving plate … The different layers how it came out! But I m sure it's very delicious!

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