Old School Chocolate Pudding with Mint Custard

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A microwave, ready in 4 mins, Old School recipe for chocolate pudding and mint custard. suitable for vegetarians


Keith Peverley says:

Going to try this later, just heading off for the ingredients:)

Milly Rose says:

Love it! Thanks for this video!! 💖

James Parry says:

Thank you so much for this

tyhyin1 says:

This used to be the pudding I looked forward to in primary school.

lancashireparanormal investigationteam says:

Thank you for this video it's great and with your northern accent easy to understand.
Tracy from Accrington

slime unicornz says:

Thank you so much me and my mom bought this of someone else and we have been looking all over the internet and yours is the best great jib😃

kurram hussain says:

happy memories

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