Best Homemade Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

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This is one of the simplest lasagnas you can make – but make no mistake about it, ITS DELICIOUS. The secret behind the great flavour is in the homemade Tomato Sauce. Make your own, or find out how to make a delicious B.I.B. sauce right here:

Once you’ve got a great sauce you can add any ingredients you like to your lasagna: Ricotta cheese, Parmesan, Sweet Peppers, Zucchini, Mushrooms, etc.


Joe Maveal says:

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Carmen Fonseca says:

Great to see someone not use a thousand ingredients

Charmaine Forbes says:

Love how your cooking like a normal person😂😂

Charmaine Forbes says:

Love you!!!

Chris Tidwell says:

man what happened to this guy

Stephanie Harper says:

You might be … A dirty Racist. This need to be on merch. We need this on a hoodie and crew neck this winter sir.

Geeta patel says:

This was the first vegetarian lasagna recipe I loved

w az says:

Wait….you're in odd squad!! The egg salad sandwich guy!!!

Preeti Boodoosingh says:

I made it following your steps and it came out magnificent thanks

Genet Mitchem says:

Wow beautiful good job

Malini gani says:

Thanks for your spicy food

Trisha Garud says:

i made this for lunch. it is absolutely delicious!

roseline onye says:

I used your own and my own idea to make my own Lasagne it was really lovely . Thank you for your help

Jeff M says:

You lost me at the cheddar cheese . Stick to falafel .

dr. vasleen says:

It's pasta not noodles

Heheusername says:

Can u make your own sauce?

Konstantina The says:

I have never eaten nor tried lasagna (only because of aaaall that sauce I see in it) Today I decided to make it, and make it my way, less sauce but also grilled cauliflower as well. I already bought the ingredients, ricotta cheese was one of them. I love your recipe, (without ricotta and meat), I will definitely try it the next time. Great presentation, great video, I'm subscribing 🙂

luckynothirteen says:

This is what I'm going to try and make for dinner tonight. Glad I found your video because it's exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Emsy Lou says:

Did you boil the fresh pasta beforehand

01sigh says:

"dirty racist" ahhaha

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