The BEST Vegan Takeout-Style Fried Rice

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Today we’re making the BEST Vegan Takeout-Style Fried Rice…seriously! Get the full recipe + all my top tips at

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Dee Spice says:

Great nice and simple. Can I ask about the pan you are using please?

Natalia Urbanek says:

Just had it for dinner with some steamed broccoli on the side, delicious! Definitely recommend

K B says:

Mega yum! 😋

2075vj says:

What brand of Black Salt do you use? Thanks for sharing

Hindukush says:

That looks really very good

2075vj says:

I don’t know I’m vegan. I have never eaten Tofu. I have to give it a try. I’m gonna make this rice this week. Thanks for sharing

Art Burns Coaching says:

Just made this and it was delicious and fun!!

Alistaire Mordyn says:

Chopped fresh cilantro is a nice way to brighten up the flavors and cut through the heaviness it might have also

Plantish. says:

this was so great , i made fried rice two days ago and it turned out mushy but now i think i might knock it out the park when i make it again. my family said it was nice but i have a feeling they were just trying to preserve my feelings😅😅

Molly Elizabeth says:

I love your middle part!!!

Judy Epstein says:

Really useful.

melya1979 says:

I make fried rice often, but I can never get it 'right'. I prepared your recipe yesterday, and it is the best fried rice I've ever made at home! So much yum! This is my new go-to for fried rice for sure. Thanks for sharing!

brendo says:

Ah, thank you for the video!! Some of us have picky, non-vegan significant others, and things like this make life a lot easier for us, lmao.
Best wishes!!

janers78 says:

Made it tonight. Yum!!!

Elika Chan says:

Don’t Stick Your Chopsticks in a Bowl of Rice

Zina Van Landingham says:

Can’t “like” this enough! Simple recipe – really appreciate the hacks! 🧡🌻

Alison Craig says:

Do you think you could do this oil free?

Silent Bliss says:

Need some white pepper and it'll be perfect!

Nik Weinfurter says:

Someone call Uncle Roger 😂

BlueBass2 says:

sis you really need to up your audio game on those intros ❤️

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