what I eat in a day |✨ Vegetarian ✨

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A lil vlog sharing with you what I eat and just a bit of a regular day in my life. I hope you guys enjoy this video, please Like and let me know in the comments if you wanna see more. And as I have mentioned in the video, the purpose of this video is just to give you some recipe ideas, what works for me might not work for you because we are all different ( and beautiful in our own way). Please do your own research and take care of yourself. Sending you alllll the good vibes and love in the world 💕✨

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Annie Le says:

@OANH why don’t you share with us that fav sauce you use to cook with the tofu? Looks good

martha kim says:

can u please make a video of your workout routine??

masha says:

someone : do u think oanh is beautiful?
me : no she's not beautifull ,she's great and sure , oanh is my queen

lliant lli says:

I really love your place sm ✨😍

lal baskin says:

yogurt is not greeks stop that.

Mike's Spaghetti says:

I thought you were vegan :p

Kat Hope says:

That yogurt is bomb, you should defo try their passionfruit one…Honestly, game changer !!!!

sangwoo says:

aaah I vegetarian too and I finally found something i can watch and get inspiration from THANK U

Edit- sheesh I don't eat eggs

Joie Atienza says:

Please do a makeup routine🥰

hi says:

A house tour? 😩

I Ash I says:

What's that Starbucks drink? It looks delish

Oanh Đoàn says:

Chị là người ĐNÁ hay gì vậy ạ🧐

Bluegirl Xhin says:

Im naturally skinny too and i eat a lot . Im asian and i eat rice 2x day. I love tofu too for my snacks

Remah De Vera says:

ngl ur intro/disclaimer made me cry

Nada Khoriatul says:

0:16 if my place is called tempe 😄

Ana Beatriz says:

but she ate eggs-

haii204 says:

How did you edit the video?

Silvana Hernandez says:

wow that disclaimer made me immediately like this video, more influencers should be honest with their viewers ❤

Virgo Golden says:

Okay her body is really something to die for😭🔥🔥

gabriela celis says:

what is a hashbrown?

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