How to Make Fresh Raw Coconut Milk!

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How to make fresh raw coconut milk plus a bunch of cheffing tips to make amazing rich raw broths, curries, sauces and more!

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Jay Raw says:

Some amazing curry’s to be had with this coco milk …….. 😀😃😄😁😆….. cheers Chris 👍🙏🌍

k ham says:

It would have been cool to see you taste it!

Rawveganse says:

I Love coconuts 😀 where are you now? Sweden? Canada?:)

Jamiann Adams says:

Chris to the cat "don't show off your bum to the camera"
Me, remembering the time Chris posted a video of having his taint tattooed "🤭"

Jennifer is Love says:

Which book is best if trying to stay low fat ?

Jennifer is Love says:

I love the idea of adding carrot and celery to it. Will check out 2.0 which would be lower fat.

Jennifer is Love says:

I put the stitching on outside too. I use way more water though. So it’s less fat intake? I use the coconut meal for the base of raw vegan blueberry pie with mulberries and dates and dehydrated coconut meal. I’ll try it like you make soon. Although I’m still detoxing so avoiding coconut as it’s high in fat.

Jennifer is Love says:

My coconuts are darker brown in UK.

Holarchy says:

Wholeness! This tool removes coco meat safely in seconds:

Slow RC Mike says:

good stuff my brother

Rentime41 says:

Awesome video Chris keep up the good work 👍

Eloise Hernandez says:

That’s not sanitary, animal around the food and on the counter, where food is prepared🥺

RawVeganAthlete -Andreas Schmidt says:

Amazing! Thx for sharing 😉

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