The Turnip " Soul Vegetarian" (Season 1/ Ep 3)

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On today’s webisode of The Turnip, the crew is at Soul Vegetarian 1 located in the Historic West End. Soul Vegetarian is the largest vegan chain restaurant in the country. They are known for their southern cuisine such as their world renown mac and cheese, BBQ ribs, greens and plant based ice cream and much more. Take a look as we enjoy a very informative session with Yafah.

Thanks to the wonderful staff of Soul Vegetarian

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thelma figueroa says:

Why doesn't that lady wear gloves. She is tossing the salad with no gloves.
I would never eat there.

Knowledge Berakah says:

This my spot

Jerry Williams says:

I ALWAYS GO 2 SOUL VEG 1…..When I'm in Atlanta

S O N J A says:

I just found you channel. Love the concept guys!

Gregorio Pedroza says:

As usual, you three brought to light a spectacular force for good in the food community via humor, heart, and compassion. Please keep putting in that work so we can all be inspired and thankful for it

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