Two 10 Minute Asian Inspired Soups | Easy + Vegan

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Masaman Curry Recipe:
Load Miso:


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Kathryn Russell says:

Thank you for uploading this!! 🙂

VeggiePals says:

I love soups, and these look so yummy!😋😋

Angelique R. says:

You inspired me to make soup today. these are so simple and sound delicious!!

Kiarna Lewis says:

This looks so yum! Thanks for sharing

Byron Murphy says:

Any soup I a winner in my book, especially when paired with a crusty roll

Tammys Veggie Life says:

Great video. I've started a YouTube channel documenting my vegan journey and sharing vegan recipes that I'm discovering and trying out. I'll definitely have to give this recipe a try on. Thanks for sharing 😊🌱

Beverley says:

Looks delicious! Def gonna try the Miso one soon

Momma Cheapskate says:

Oooo that curry soup looks good!

patty 8873 says:

Never boil miso!

Emil Pereira says:

amazing soup recipes, beautifully explained… and you look terrific too, as always!! just to note, as another viewer also commented, never boil miso if you want to preserve its healthful properties. check this link for more info: STAY WARM, VEGGIE VEGGIE ROSY ROSE!! WE. NEED. YOU.

La Le Lu says:

this looks super delicious I will try it! Just a tipp for the miso, you always mix it in AFTER taking the pot from the heat, as the boiling will destroy some of the flavours and the nutrients.

Olga Kolomparova says:

Amazing.Thank you Rose


Can't wait to try this. Thanks

cutebunny1988 says:

Love that better than bouillon.

Veronica Salas says:

Yummy 😋I’m going to make the first one tonight since I have the ingredients!

Chanea Stanley says:

Um, yum!😍. I have dumplings in my freezer. I'm so gonna make this happen this week 😊

Lisa A says:

Wow Veggie 🌹 Rose what awesome recipes. These are on the menu this week.

lamllemaussade says:

I know you’re experimenting with filming styles as you adjust to your new setup. This video looked really good, but I miss you cooking “live” with us. Your fun personality and off the cuff remarks don’t shine here as much as when you’ve filmed other recent videos in the new kitchen. No hate – just my two cents! I’ll be in the Veggie Fam no matter what you decide works best for you. 😊

Tugce Mey says:

I will definitely try these recipes

Más Vegan says:

Totally craving these soups right now🤤🤤

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