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The Vegetarian Pad Thai is a simple and quick dish to make but is one of those dishes that has to be made fresh. The vegetables, sauces and noodles all stir fried on high heat gives the noodles the perfect texture and authenticity.

As you continue to make it you will notice that you like it bit less sweet or a bit more spicy, so continue to alter those tastes and have a fun time cooking the Vegetarian Pad Thai in your kitchen.

Serve Vegetarian Pad Thai Recipe with a soup like Thai Pumpkin Soup With Red Curry Paste Recipe and salad like Beet Carrot and Apple Salad in Orange Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe for a delicious weekend dinner with friends and family.

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Elana Charlotte Flint says:

I love this recipe, added to our weekly meals, so good! I add a bit of sesame oil, sweet chili sauce, mushrooms and cabbage, and I use hokkien noodles.

Gayle Kemper says:

Looks delicious

shiva tiwari says:

Beautiful and delicious one

Manene Jiki says:

also thai ppl : what is this???

Sangita Pandya says:

It tasted really good, thank you

ann matis says:

Lovely recipe.
Maybe crumble the tofu and also saute it after the garlic with some kala namak to give it the eggy taste.

Lab Lab says:

She know Thai !
Been searching for this like forever!

Sonia Indianairlines says:

Thank you , lovely recepie and u do it so effortlessly.

aishwarya gawaskar says:

Loved the recipe

Tetei Cooks says:

Looks really yummy. Actually, this is a vegan

Parvathi Akkaraju says:

Love the way you spoke without repeating words. Explained thoroughly.. you look nice young lady .😊


I wonder who got to eat this 💜💜

MIDAS says:

This is not correct pad Thai recipe.

Marie C says:

This is not authentic pad thai! This is just stir fry rice noodles.

Pratik Thakorbhai Patel says:

Wonderful 🙂🙏

MrspetloverUS says:

TFS your recipe. As I am allergic to Tamrind what would be the substitute for it? Lime juice? TIA


That’s not Pad thai. That is desi dhaba noodles. 😹

Hemant Kumar says:

This is Indian-style noodles, not Pad Thai. You're missing most of the important things.

samrudhi tribhuvane says:

I made it and it was yummy!! Thank you!

Akshay Jadhav says:

Good One. I'm going to make this for my wife.

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