ASMR Mukbang Vegan #Buritos Crunchy #Nachos #Cola (collab w/ Eat with Kuv@Mich Love Eat ASMR

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Collab with Eat with Kuv (please subsribe her channel)
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Eat With Kuv says:

Thank you so much for this collaboration, Mich. It was fun collabing with you and just chatting with you on Instagram. You are such a sweetheart and always so supportive. I appreciate your friendship and sonhappy to have met you in YouTube 🥰😘 I look forward to doing more collabs with you in the near future💜

flame shot says:

Thank you super bravo 💐💐💐

Declan fan's 2020 Official says:

Omg that looks so good

مطبخ رانيا - Rania's Kitchen says:

Very nice dear 😍

مطبخ رانيا - Rania's Kitchen says:

Very nice dear 😍

Jas Kitchen says:

Crunchy sound so nice
New friend here

putri bungsu says:

Good 😘😋

Angkor ASMR says:

It's sooo delicious


Wow so nice eating my friend. Go on.

Devina Asmr says:

Nice collab girls 🤗 the vegan burrito looks huge and tasty 😋

쿠쿠냠QuQu says:

Burritos looks delicious😻

Awakkamaru motovlog says:

Very nice video my friend so Yuuuuuuummmmiiii 🤤

The Good Food and Lifestyle says:

very delicious burrito

AventurasRaúl says:

Enhorabuena gran trabajo en tus videos stay blss. Saludos

Pat U ASMR 패트유 says:

Burito looks so healthy !! I like always healthy and fun videos are good👍👍

딘미Dinmi 요린이주부의 한끼 says:

Buritos and nachos look so delicious 😍

Kulo Team says:

so delicious I want to eat it too hehe I am from Indonesia a beginner creator support me too friend
You beautiful

Jeet ASMR says:

Wow amazing looks yum

Tukul Sudiwan says:

Ya ampunnn enaknya…hikhik..

the PHAM ASMR says:

ooOoo burrito looks amazing!

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