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Rita Anthony says:

Always impressed by your create! (But try a serrated knife for tomatoes.) TIP

b0ygrinder says:

I made this dish actually! Delicious!

Baldina Molino says:

I cried when I watched this video. So many memories from my Nonna. My kids love them. When i would take them to a local farm for squash, my devils would go around picking (stealing) the flowers!!! Now we pay $11 a lb. thank you from my heart, Concettina!

Maria Reyes says:

It looks beautiful very healthy and delicious I love rice and beans 😋

NRG Ltwrkr says:

Hi Connie, I have been put on the keto diet for medical reasons, so my carbs are limited to only 20 grams per day, which prevents me from eating grains (allergic to gluten) and beans, as well as a lot of higher carb veggies and very little fruit…but I still want to stay vegan. There is some help out there, but I am struggling. Can you share a recipe or two that I can thrive on that is "high HEALTHY fat/medium VEGAN protein/low carb"? My dream would be that you would share one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner recipe that could be my main recipes to eat for awhile. Thanks for any help you can offer.

KeepingIt Real says:

Just your cooking you are such an awesome cook 💚 your stlye and creativity on seitan and other dishes! I wish I had a garden too😭 #goals #veganqueen🌱 #vegan💯

Carolyn Collins says:

You said you buy your produce by the case … how do you keep your produce fresh enough to last a long time? Thank you for your shared knowledge.

b0ygrinder says:

I love these fast dinner ideas! You should do a little "series" of fast and quick dinners! <3

Mike Jordan says:

That looks beautiful! <3
I wish I still had my garden that we had before we moved. : (

Gary A says:

Quite extraordinary! 👍

Gretchen Lopez says:

Looks delicious!

Cinabear says:

Love this idea. My only question is cooking tomatoes in cast iron because I was always told not to cook acidic foods in them. Your pan looks really well seasoned so maybe it can stand the acid better, i don't know but I'm almost afraid to try it in mine lol.

Котъ Баюнъ says:

Now I only need to find my vegan Quinn😂🙏🏻🍀💚

joanne rylko says:

i wonder if you can do the same with Hibiscus flowers since u can make tea maybe a dish like this too, what do you think?

Paula says:

I made your veggies in the cast iron the other night with Montreal Steak spice, OMG, it was totally amazing and simple! Now this, thank you so much for always inspiring me to eat simple and whole foods. Cheers from Ontario.

linzertube says:

A very pretty dish. Enjoy the country!

J. Harrison says:

You never disappoint. Love the way you style all of your food…the colors and lighting make it worthy of a magazine photo spread. TFS

Gomez Addams says:

Always a joy to see you. I have missed quite a bit. I am sorry. Life can be crazy. One day I will have time go enjoy. 🖤🥀👣🐾🍃🍂🍂

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