Delicious Vegan Ramen Recipe! | Wok Wednesdays

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In today’s episode of Wok Wednesday, Jez shows us how to make a vegan ramen, packed to the brim with flavour. You will not miss the meat in this dish!

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To find the recipe for this dish, click the link below!
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– Delicious Vegan Ramen Recipe! | Wok Wednesdays –

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Michal182 says:

in the beginning you are making the vegetable stock and you cover the vegetables with …. vegetable stock (3:45) 😀 … well, if i don´t have any vegetable stock yet, will just water do? or am i missing something?

Alice Bohannon says:

Why make a video for vegans, and keep talking about pork?? Pork fat, bones etc. I personally don't want to think about pork when I'm watching a recipe I want to make as a vegan…

Nayanaph says:

I watched every second of your video.. whenever I watch I skim through most of it to just get ingredients and few tips.. but with this I loved your passion for cooking and mostly Japanese.. this will be my first Japanese dish that I will try out.. thanks for bringing in vegetarian (egg included)or vegan version of the dish.. looking forward to more of these 😊

VeronicaMist says:

What is golden syrup? It’s not corn syrup is it?

Matobit says:

Naughty carrots 🤣🤣🤣 what could I use to replace the golden syrup?
Also the way he ate the food at the end like he hasn't eaten in years 🤣👌🏻

Mightning says:

wait, did you actually use vegetable stock… to make vegetable stock?

Paula Sayuri says:

I love it how you it looks like you're hungry when you're cooking haha, and that you actually tries your dish on camera! Added to the gorgeous food, it all looks sooo tasty. Thank you for the recipe!

Millie says:

Do you have to use dry mushrooms?

A Frenchie In the World says:

Would it be possible to replace soy beans with another type of bean? Thank you 🤗

Lauretta Del Mar says:

F*ckin ‘school of wok’. Ok good sir. You have my attention

katelynism says:

this is completely unrelated but the way he talks is sooo reminiscent of matt smith’s doctor who

Flying Head says:

Can i use vegan bouillon cube / stock cubes instead of the broth? Is it better if we cook it even more then 3 hours? Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I'l have to make it when you answer me ^^

Ryan W says:

I love food but I hate to cook. 3-4 hours out of my life for a dish that would take 15 minutes to eat doesn't seem worth the effort. Great video, but I think I'll continue to eat out. =P

Kenan Gamble says:

I went to this popular ramen place in downtown Toronto, I can't remember the name but I tried their vegetarian ramen and it had this ground tofu mixture on top that was DELICIOUS and I've been trying to find what it is but I can't find anything about it!! ! It was lightly sweet? and salty and just very flavourful

Adam Webb says:

Bro you know your food.

Olive Dreams says:

i`m so hungry now

Evelyn says:

I can’t find soybeans 🙁 what if I use soymilk?

we like beans says:

me at 3 am:
yeah let's do vegan ramen

Natasha Quadri says:

Looks a bit more like Taiwanese style soup

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