Testing out Gordon Ramsays VIRAL VEGAN STEAK recipe?!

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Thank you Gordon Ramsay for blessing us with this vegan steak recipe?! Not sure if my family approved or not but hey ho..
Instagram: gracebooth97
Food insta: gracksnacks
Vlog channel: @Extra Grack


Afra Alzaabi says:

The moment you yelled GORDON RAMSEY at 8:04 i literally got an AD of him cooking hahahaha

Eva says:

that recipe looks like actual hell

Kyra Claitor says:

Not me googling 'is aubergine and eggplant the same thing' 😬

Jackie Hedges says:

mushroom powder is a great ingredient and helps a lot…i use it in my seitan all the time..its my lil' secret weapon…you can grab some online, or try an asian market..thanks for trying this, so i dont have to…i still might, tho, ha!

Maxine Lurie says:

Please buy a thermomix and do some recipes

ZeBa says:

GORDON tell our girl where you get your mushroom powder

Cristian Radulescu says:

Vegan Steak …. insert mind blown meme here —>

wiini diaz says:

Grace, excellent work as usual! Are ok, hun? I look forward to your next video adventure! 😍

Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete says:

Jasmine and Chris of “Sweet Simple Vegan” said it was delicious, but not worth the time spent on preparing it. Gordon is “PUNKING” everyone. 😅 When you did a shot of BEET JUICE?🤢 I almost gagged on your behalf. Dirt… it tastes like SOIL!😩😂

Marbe Rica says:

Filipino street foods content please

Cachel Joubert says:

You and your dad 😂😂 iconic

Ell R says:

My fave YouTuber doing a recipe from my fave chef. Eeeeeep 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Rose rosanna says:

Following a recipe via phone and barely making inroads into preparing said recipe… yep I know that feeling! Thanks for the effort and fun, Grace!

Susie Volante says:

🤣 Your Mum must have been annoyed by that aubergine from the sound of the banging cutlery at the end 🤣
The jus, mashed potatoes and mushrooms in sauce looked delicious. They would go well with a steak made out of meat! 🥩 xx

Lizzie says:

Your dad aggressively saying "aubergine!" Is the funniest thing 😂 also what a turn of events tha your mum was the one who didn't like it!

Christina Emptage says:

thought Gordon was against vegans…

yourname here says:

Maybe you should try the vegan chicken thing with your dad. It's all gluten but it's got some texture.

Matleena Konttinen says:

Non-vegan people clearly don't know about soy, seitan, tempe, chickpeas, broad bens, etc.?

Marisa E says:

papa booth wants gordon to pay for his crimes against steak 😂

Stefan Zubal says:

your dad is magic

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