Creamy & Smoky Ratatouille – The BEST Ratatouille Recipe! Just like in the movie!!

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A smoky and creamy version of the classic French dish, sponsored by Pompeian. This easy and delicious Ratatouille recipe is made with heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and the most amazing red bell pepper and tomato sauce. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the last days of summer and celebrate National Olive Oil Month! Visit

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Tony Polito says:

Nice Job! Well done! Thank you!

E - Savage says:

It's a little bit offside from the movie, though.

Jean Temasfieldt says:

Is a preheat required?

Jairo LemusRamirez says:

Wait wait wait, I’m sorry did you just say smoked pâprika? 😭😭

Sammy says:

Ratatouille brought me here!

Den Dennisovich says:

Where is the rat? Is he controlling this beautiful chef too? 🤔🤔🤔

Persephrotis V. says:

Your hair is gorgeous!

Kyra Pollard says:

olive oil? spicy? kick? umm..

thillee8800 says:

I dont want to be a creep, but this woman is so beautiful she reminds me of an anime character

amélie says:

I don't have yellow squash is that ok??

avelyne says:

I do not have balsamic vinegar. Can I skip it? If not skipable, can i replace it with normal white vinegar? Thanks!

ashish saraswat says:

You are so Beautiful dear 💕

sonia singh balouria says:

Delicious 😋😋😋😋

Fact Plaza says:

That's not Chinese eggplant that's indian

LinZTheCOKid says:

Trying this tonight! Thoughts on adding portabello mushrooms?

crystal clear ComCom says:

This recipe absolutely phenomenal. It tasty head over heels
Since I love the ratatouille the movie
Thank you tatyana

Sean Carswell says:

Please dont bring up instagram while cooking immediate downvote.. Food is about family and love. not showing off

Patrick Miller says:

Yo-~, this spicy mamacita right here, she looksa lotta like-a demure Christina Rene Hendricks! Or perhaps that same sultry & confident fire-headed-femme kinda look, but in a Victorian rather than Edwardian style… of profile… or… other context, ahem*, *adjusts-spectacles*, *uncrosses and re-crosses legs*, *attempting to stall for time in order to recompose
SO! Anyway, between the '07 Pixar film and this deliciously saucy video right here I was really quite overly excited to make this got dang Ratatouille happen in my own kitchen. The end result: It was easy & great! this dish is almost all prep work, nothing strict, no real places to mess it up if you waste time somewhere. I substituted regular Whole Milk for the Heavy Cream (for my guts) and also snuck some of those big & thin sandwich-style pepperoni slices into the veggie stacks because I am a carnivorous heathen.
Everyone I have forced this concoction upon has enjoyed it as well!
Thank you Tatyana!

Alicia Craig-Ornsby says:

Love this video. ❤ I have to try it.

Unity • 5 years ago says:

I made it w pepperoni and it was so gooood

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