Fully Vaxxed (almost) & Eating Non-Dairy Ice Cream | What I Ate Today On A Vegan Diet

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Neither vaccine nor ice cream in the thumbnail lol

*Disclaimer* I’m not a dietitian. For vegan nutrition info, check out veganhealth.org and theveganrd.com

Hidden Cashew Ranch Dressing


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zofia kosut says:

I just can’t focus on what you are saying towards the end with that bra hanging on the lamp 🤨

Taime Weaver says:

Just curious… Is the Covid vaccine vegan?

Pareen Sachdeva says:

Are egg and meat adverts on vegan channel videos a thing now? Stop it YouTube!!

Anja says:

clementines are very cheap in Europe xd

Brooke Fencl says:

Why not use real peanut butter in your oatmeal? You can buy whole or shelled peanut and process your own PB – add as much or as little sweetener as you like.

Berni V says:

Thank you for the video.🌱

Katelyn Lauren says:


Laura K says:

I think you need to learn about how to eat a healthy diet. I'm shocked at what you are eating and touting as healthy on a vegan diet. Your diet is very processed, dehydrating, deficient, and I think you will not feel your best on it. Let Freelee help you. Your moods seem all over the place, which is probably why you are craving spicy foods, due to the endorphins they help release. And instead of ice cream, processed bars, brown sugar, coffee..just eat the fruits!!! Seriously, you need more fruits in your life! Where are the fruits?

Meredith Kenton says:

I'm not suggesting you show the kiddos (ever) but the ambient silliness (that I'm pretty sure is just going to be more and more inevitable as they get older) in these less-formal videos is a good balance for folks who want to know about how the fam is doing without putting the little ones online. Because the "MOMMY OPEN THE DOOR" and "I GOT MY BOWL" was real cute. 🙂 And folks don't need to see them to benefit from the cute quotes.

Miu Mau says:

does america get good oatly icecream flavors but I, literally living next to sweden, get only the basic flavors… I JUST WANT MINT ICECREAM THERE IS THIS ONE GOOD BRAND IN FINLAND BUT THE MINT CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM IS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE WHY CAN'T I HAVE SOME MINT ICECREAM…. i really would like some…..

Miu Mau says:

"did i get a low sugar product?" lol

Winterliebende says:

I got vaccination in January and the second dose in February with a few other people I live with and we all have been doing well and we got some freedom back without being in that much danger… Thankful 🙏

Jessica Lowder says:

Best oatmeal: 1/4 cup oatmeal, sprinkle granola on top, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 ripe banana, tablespoon of sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, tablespoon of PB2, stir up with hot water and add vanilla/coconut nutpod milk on top!!!

Marcy Brennan says:

I've had both Moderna shots and yeah I got sick as well. I had aches and fever and slept a whole lot. I found drinking a lot of water really stopped the symptoms right away. I am older than you are though.

Lush says:

I respect your decision to keep them off the internet, but toddler & tiny baby sound so cute in the background 🥰

Resting Bitchface says:

My ice cream: eight egg yolks from my birds, One quart of heavy cream from my own cow, vanilla extract made in my own kitchen, a pinch of sea salt. No trips to the store needed. REAL food that won’t make me sick.

FillUmUpp says:

It’s been a min.. why she adding salt to everything?? 😂 also sad she took the vaxx.. not sure when vegan liberals decided to trust multi national corporations experiments, and conservatives became pro choice “my body my choice” when it comes to “vaccines”.. it’s a crazy world we live in lol

Heidi Hernandez says:

I also had that weird 1 hr fever with my 2nd shot. Im so happy and grateful to be fully vaccinated

Heidi Hernandez says:

Fully vaxxed krew checking in

Sarah E Caldwell says:

Where did the term ugly soy bitch come from?

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