Kale Caesar Salad

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Urs Cruz says:


Annette says:

Great above view of the salad, Thanks! Love you two!

Cheryl Glasgow says:

Love, love this salad!

Jillian says:

Is the Engine 2 cookbook available electronically please

J Rhodes says:

Love you two! Recipe sounds delicious.

PureHeart says:

I'm am definitely going to make this salad this holiday weekend!! Raw oats pulsed into coarse flour might be my substitute for almond flour.
( Separately: wonderfully healthy calm vibe to this video. Relaxed, fun and spontaneous with no suppressed type-A vibe hanging in the air. Bravo)

Lisa Wolf says:

This is the perfect switch and very satisfying, Thanks

Natalie says:

Classic Caeser dressing also contains raw eggs in addition to the anchovy and parmesan.

Mozafamily says:

You could use chopped capers if you miss the anchovy. Also you could probably use tofu if you couldn't have almonds for some creaminess. I like the roasted onion idea.

Laura Monahan says:

Love you guys! Can't wait to make this (I don't think almond meal and almond flour are the same thing, I have both in my cupboard)

Valerie Tomsic says:

NICE with the TOASTED onions! If they're hot, they will wilt the kale a little….OR I guess you could heat up the dressing too. THANKS ladies! Another great recipe!

Karen Cheek says:

Nutritional yeast

Chef Santa Cooking Travels says:

great recipe i will definitely have to try it since you don't have a garlic press smashing the garlic under a bottle or rolling pin, we're using mortar and pestil. You could also use a knife and smash down flat side .keep up the great recipes and videos ladies. 👍✌💖💪👨‍🍳🎅🚌 .

Lisa McAlonan says:

I like calling it “what’s this here sauce “. lol 😂

Lokilicious says:

The Brits pronounce it "Wuster", but I'm sure they understand our confusion across the pond.

Patricialyn Veal says:

Wish I was rich with doctor salary to eat this way…sigh

Lauren Vacula says:

I also don't have a garlic press and have wondered why for like two years. still have not gotten one though 😂

Miwa Kaur's Kitchen says:

Thanks for sharing the recipe! I have seen so many cooking shows where hosts struggle to say worcestershire sauce. I can't pronounce it either. Lol.

TheLoreAxe says:

I make a very similar salad but with baked garbanzo bean "croutons" instead of bread. The beans make it more of a meal.

S Williams says:

You guys are so cute.

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