Minestrone Soup Recipe – Italian Vegetable and Pasta Soup

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Learn how to make a Minestrone Soup Recipe! – Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2011/11/minestrone-soup-is-once-in-lifetime.html for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 650 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Minestrone Soup Recipe!


Jim Brown says:

You can also use something like Collard greens too. My local farmers market charges 99 cents a pound for Collard greens. Instead of bacon/panchetta you could use italian sausage (its actually better that way imo). You can get dried beans at Costco for really cheap. Soak them over night, drain the water (less gas), then pressure cook the beans separately, drain the cooking water from the pressure cooked beans to reduce gas out of the beans even more. Unless you want to fart all night, then don't do any of that. lol. You could follow the recipe here and just introduce the beans at the very end of the cooking since the beans are already cooked and ready to be eaten. You can probably develop better flavor if you cook the tomato in a pan separately and let it simmer into a darker color. That would give it a much richer flavor when you introduce it into the soup. Cook the beans separately, the tomatoes seperately, and everything else can be cooked in a pot, then combine everything back into the big pot.

Classic Cooking says:

How to make delicious cannellini soup :


agr8cutr says:

I made this recipe and it was AMAZING! Thank you for the recipes and my husband thanks you for helping to teach me to cook some edible tasty dishes. 😁

Sonia Lopez says:

My kind of guy never do the same ingredients,I do that all the time and my favorite soup Minestrone thanks.

furioso34 says:

what are italian spices ?

J David says:

That looks really good. I make mine with Italian sausage and cannellini beans.

Geppetto Collodi says:

I love all your recipe but this time you forgot the diced potatoes and one whole potato to be crushed at the end to thicken.

*GaToR* says:

I like the beginning of your recipe with the Italian bacon, onions & celery, but you lost me on the chicken liquid ! Nasty & uncalled for !!
I checked out the Italian grandma and she made the entire minestrone soup without any kind of liquid other than water ! Much better & healthier ! 🤗

Phillip Moore says:

Dang! Almost ten years ago. I got here looking at ways to cook a Wedding Soup. As typical with me, I'm looking for ways to not purchase more than I'll use. Those trying to feed several folks will be looking for the opposite. Perhaps, you might do a Mirepoix video that can be frozen for use, as there are many uses. Fresh onions, carrots, and celery are cheap, but I can't even get through a 3-lb bag of onions, 1-lb bag of carrots, and clump of celery without ending up tossing some. I used to be able to put what's left in my compost, but I don't even do that anymore.

TravelLove says:

when i first read it, I said it like "Mine Strown" :p

Trisha Cardenas says:

second life

Brooklyn Brothers Cooking - Papa P & Chef Dom says:

Great recipe! Try this one! https://youtu.be/Wgm6V7S0WHk

AnaIris G.Leiva says:

Me alegro saber que cocino al estilo Italiano y hasta hoy me doy cuenta

Bodhi's Wish says:

This looks SO good!

Rick larouche says:

John, l just checked and omg you have never presented “vegetable soup” 🤕

Cynthia Diaz says:

Mine looked nothing like this buuuut it was delicious!!!

Mama Arfisa says:

Hi from indonesia.


You forgot the kidney beans!

Martha Maggard says:

Nope, cabbage and greens.🤔
Add carrots

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