VEGAN "CHICKEN" NOODLE SOUP ❤️ just like grandma's soup!

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I grew up having my grandma’s chicken noodle soup as a comfort food during the long Nebraska winters. I realized in making this new vegan “chicken” noodle soup recipe it was never the chicken that made the soup tasty but the vegetables, seasonings, and vegetable stock! This vegan chicken noodle soup recipe is a warm and delicious soup for fall and has all the nostalgia of chicken noodle soup but is fully whole food vegan, plant-based, gluten free, and refined oil and sugar free!


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Elaine Danalis says:

Just made this, taking some to a sick friend. It’s delicious!!!!!

Catherine Minor says:

I saved up to send to Amazon for the soy curls, and now I'll be making this yummy soup tomorrow! I can hardly wait!

Charlene Spence says:

Just made this recipe and at the end added chopped kale from the garden, OMG delicious

Debora Stay says:

Hi I’m Deborah and I have a question regarding anything soy. A lot of your dishes are done with soy derived products like soy milk, tofu and in this case soy curls. I’ve heard so many times, from so many doctors how bad soy is for you. It completely disrupts your thyroid and gives you so many health problems. I wonder why is it used so much on vegan dishes. Isn’t it being vegan supposed to be a healthier choice, besides the ethics of course. Thank you.

Sufiness says:

Would you be able to re-release all your videos without the music?

Mary Casasnovas says:

Love this! I make a batch every week!

Dina Munasova Watt says:

Why don’t you guys eat oils and fat?

Linda Goode says:

Jill, this soup is awesome! I have never liked chicken noodle soup. My SAD husband loves it. So, I thought I would try making yours. I absolutely love it. I’ve already had two bowls. I’ve tried soy curls before too, and didn’t really care for them, but in this soup, they are delicious! I sprinkled a little white pepper on my bowls of soup and yummy!!! My soup turned out thick, which I really like, but my husband likes his a little more runny, so I’ll just add some more vegetable broth to his. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

nancy herrmann says:

Do u have a recipe for homemade broth. I started watching your videos. I have been vegan for almost 20 years. What I'd like to start doing is going oilless. I know on one of your videos you did share a book from a doctor regarding using no oil . I was wondering if you could also share that with me as I'm interested in reading about it. Thank you and love your recipes

Andrea Walker says:

Now I need to get some soy curls so I can make this recipe. It looks delicious. Thank you for sharing it.

julie shelley says:

I stumbled across your channel–where are the recipes? Do I need to join membership to get the recipes?

Joy K says:

I just made this. Upon cooling, the broth became very gelatinous. What caused this, and how can it be avoided?

Ninni K Mattoo says:

Thank you Jill, you share amazing recipes but why still be obsessed calling soya as chicken, why not vegan as vegan …. ?????????? please think, The very name of chicken does not want me to make or eat.

felisaaero says:

Even a lazy vegan can make this. I rarely cook but felt compelled to make this soup because it's almost impossible to buy vegan gluten-free noodle soup and the weather is cold outside. Replaced the onion, garlic, and herbs with organic spice bottles. Halved all ingredients to fit into one pot and added a bit more noodles. Still super delicious! Thank you!

Ian James says:

New here, sad to see you don't use grams or ounces.. need to move forward. cups. stalks. tsps. tbls . really. not great.

Ismael Suero says:

Greetings! If I was miss Jill I would not use those curls. Imagine how much they are processed, from a simple soybean to that shape and texture. I was a slave to all kind of veggie meat but thank God I broke free from them. I would use frozen and thawed tofu instead, or simply rule that soy meat out and do something really healthy and tasty without the dangers. We don't even know the acids they use to achieve these textures and flavors. I'd rather staying away from them.

CSharkBytes says:

Looks good. Wish I could eat this. I need no salt, low carb because of a health condition. I do have tamari low sodium, but that is not really low sodium if you read label it is just lower than their already over salted one. Why do companies think we want all that salt? I would rather make it no salt and add per bowl if needed because the onions and celery will naturally add a salty flavor.
What would be a good low carb noodle (not konjac as I am allergic) and alternative to soy? Soy can be really bad for those with health issues. Tamari is also soy. There must be something that would work.

adam_mcg_uk says:

Chopped up red potatoes would be nice in place of chicken too.

Nicole Fine says:

Great video, thank you!

AliDu says:

Soy curls hack: don’t ever rehydrate it with water. Just throw it in when you sauté the veggies. Not rehydrating really removes all the soy beany taste.

Instead of infusing it with water, it is infused with seasonings. Changed my soy curls world when I learned that from Chef Jana here on Youtube. She also has a meatball recipe that I’ve made with soy curls (not rehydrated). Mind blowing!

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