Vegetarian Korean Food (Bibimbap – 비빔밥): Healthy Korean Mixed Rice in Seoul, Korea

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Have you ever wondered if you can find restaurants in Seoul, Korea that cater towards vegetarians? In this video, we show you a contemporary take on a classic Korean food (Bibimbap – 비빔밥) that has been made vegetarian-friendly. All of the ingredients are super healthy and include copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables along with red pepper paste and healthy purple rice to all be mixed together.

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Vegetarian Korean Food (Bibimbap – 비빔밥): Healthy Korean Mixed Rice in Seoul, Korea Travel Food Video Transcript:

Well good evening good evening. It is starting to get dark a lot earlier here in Seoul. It is only 7 pm but it is like pitch black out. Yeah. Anyways, we’re going for dinner. We’re going to have a really healthy bibimbap (비빔밥). Yeah, this is kind of like a contemporary vegetarian take on traditional bibimbap (비빔밥) and we just discovered this restaurant a few days ago and it has become our new favorite restaurant now that we’re staying back around Seoul station (서울역) again so. Yes, this is actually our third night in a row. Yeah, we’re on a bit of a health kick so we’ll show you why.

Alright so we’ve already made a video about regular bibimbap (비빔밥). Tonight we’re getting fancy. Yeah, tonight we’re getting fancy and we ordered two different kinds. One is sundubu bibimbap (비빔밥) and that comes with a soft silken tofu. Yeah. And the other one we ordered is poseot bibimbap (비빔밥) which is a mushroom based bibimbap (비빔밥). Both are vegetarian. Both have ingredients that are quite different from normal bibimbap (비빔밥). And when the dishes arrive we’ll give you a full tour and show you all of the different ingredients.

Action. Alright, so the food has arrived and I get so excited about this meal because it so healthy and so tasty. So it is like really fun to eat it. So anyways take a look at the bowl. It is just like fresh raw ingredients. I have broccoli, I have red and yellow peppers. I have persimmon. Banana. Pumpkin. Grapes. Different types of of lettuce and cabbage. And then mushrooms and I think this on top is ground sesame seeds. That is what I read online but not entirely sure.

And yeah, it is just so healthy. And look this is kind of like a two step meal.

There is fruit in here too. There is banana and grapes. There is also persimmon too.

Once you have mixed your salad you add the rice. There we go. And you take some of the spicy red pepper paste. Yeah, the gochujang (고추장). Just. There. That’s it?

We like our spice. That is plenty. Are you kidding me? I would put on about double that amount but okay.

And then we mix all of that around. Yep.

That is the second step.

Yeah, this is like fascinating bibimbap (비빔밥) because this is a dish I’ve had in so many different restaurants but I’ve never seen such a contemporary twist on it. Yeah.

And it has ingredients that you’d never normally see.

Yeah, like fruit. Yeah. I’ve never encountered fruit. Fruit in bibimbap (비빔밥) before. Walnuts and different things.

So I’m going to go for some of the mushroom here. This is my first time ordering the mushroom one. Today I purposely tried to make it vegetarian but I normally get chamchi (참치) which is tuna.

Woah. It is falling out. Falling.


How is that? It was a good mushroom. Wow.

Yes, this is your first time to try the mushroom on this right. Yeah, you’ve had the tuna or other types.

Broccoli here. This is so healthy. So so good.

Such healthy Korean food.

I just like this really is one of my favorite Korean meals and I love bibimbap (비빔밥) but now that I’ve found an alternative type of bibimbap (비빔밥) it has just really opened up a whole new taste bud experience. A whole new world of food here so this is fantastic.

But like normally I find when you’re sometimes you know when you’re sacrificing eating really healthy food there is a sacrifice with taste. But not that. That is so delicious.

I swear I could probably eat that every night for a month and I wouldn’t get sick of it. That is how much I like it. And it is also affordable too. Yeah.

So it is only 6000 Won (원) each so 12,000 in total. W12,000 KRW. And highly recommend going.

This is part of our Travel in South Korea video series showcasing Korean food, Korean culture and Korean cuisine.

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Nagaraju J says:

Non veg food koreans

Brady Marshall says:

How fancy indeed your Bibimbaps look! And they SO look vegetarian!

Ruki says:

Great Video 🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰

DG A-OK says:

I can't find the name of the restaurant. Can you please gimme the name or the address. Thanks!

Sophie Sop says:

Which restaurant is this? Look nice. I mean super nice!

Perla Serrano says:

You guys should visit more vegetarian restaurants. It would be much more interesting seeing other options in the world. Enjoyed this video! 🙂

Mhayang Flores says:

Just like i want to try that kind of food!hahahah

허니쭈니 says:

전통적인 비빔밥은 아니에요~.. 저도 이런 비빔밥 처음 봐요.ㅎ

Orchids gumamela says:

my god i feel hungry now i really like eat vegetable wiouth rice i try to make dz

iin indri says:

i really like audrey way to speak english, it's very clear to heard and know every word what she said ☺ maybe because i'm asian sometimes it's hard for me to to know english native speaker said in some youtube video.

Angie says:

i really wanted to try that bibimbab, it looks amazing, so i did some research and i found that place. anyone interested here is the address 서울특별시 용산구 서계동 223-48 1층. enjoy😆

Dave Satay says:

Does the pumpkin in the salad still have the rind on? Hard to eat it that way, the restaurant should've removed that.

Dave Satay says:

When watching your video, your spoken dialog is quite soft, then music comes on and is very loud. Hard to watch this video late at night.

You should have dialog and music of similar volume levels.

perfectimperfect says:

oh i want to know the restaurant…

st. HooN says:

타지에서 한국이 그리워지는 제일 큰 이유는 역시 음식이네요. 맵고 달고 짜고 신 온갖 종류의 맛을 반찬으로 깔아주고 밥으로 중화시켜 본인의 입맛에 맞춰서 먹는 음식. 집밥..가정식 백반은 세계 모든 음식들 중 매일 먹어도 가장 질리지 않는 음식이라고 자부합니다.
타국에서 한두가지 요리를 시킨 뒤 먹다보면 즐겨먹던 반찬과 국 생각이 절로 나네요. 아무리 맛있어도 한가지 맛은 금방 질리기도 하구요. 물을 사먹어야 할때 드는 섭섭한 기분은 한국사람이여서겠죠. ㅠㅠ 흔해서 쳐다도 안보던 볶은 오징어채랑 오이 소박이가 너무 먹고싶네요.

ShannelYO says:

I am going to seoul in two weeks with a vegetarien friend. I would like to try it out ! but I dont recall you telling where it is ?? Could you tell me the location ? I could save it on my google map ! thanks ! And I was also wonderring the location for the donkatsu and udon restaurant you guys went in another video !

JÖYの貓 says:

Banana ?? Oh man

Nathan Sing says:

Please make more vegetarian/vegan videos! Thanks for the awesome content, guys!

Hernan Enriquez says:

I am allergic to MSG and this food would kill me on the toilet!

Ozan Z says:

Hello Audrey and Sam. I follow your youtube Channel for 3 years now and i wanted to thank you for the amazing content. Is there a way for your Viewers to support you guys? I know you don't do all this for your own benefit but because you enjoy traveling. I would like to donate to you guys because i want to. 🤗

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