Vegetarian Moussaka – Delia Smith's One is Fun – BBC

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Delia gives the classic Greek dish Moussaka a vegetarian twist as she combines lentils, aubergines, peppers and onions to serve up another fabulous dish. Clip taken from her classic One is Fun cookery series. For more BBC Good Food videos visit our channel:


dayanna g says:

Vegetarian for me means no egg no cream or I’m wrong?

dayanna g says:

I think is funny how she had her hands on her back at the beginning.

Jirg Jorg says:

Parmesan… made with calf rennet… totally vegetarian dish :-p

Boris Beverton says:

She didn't taste her dish… um, I wonder why?

Leo Watkins says:

why is cooking vegetarian food a "challenge" delia?

Jason Lightoller says:

@rewopn This was 1985

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