13 Vegan Versions Of Your Favorite Desserts

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Vegan versions of your favorite desserts, from chocolate cake to key lime pie!
Recipes: https://tasty.co/compilation/13-vegan-versions-of-your-favorite-desserts

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Drea R says:

This is freakin amazing! Thank you!

Jessnasty77 says:

Isn't white sugar white because of bone char?

Penny Nolan says:

Vegan to be healthy. These have too much sugar. Not healthy

Zehra X says:

Is oreo vegan?

LittleLimaBean says:

I clicked for the cookie sandwich on the thumbnail but it wasn't in the video 🙁

Stonomigo says:

Since when is oreo vegan?

Static_VIP_Camry says:

This doesn't work for me. I'm allergic to Peanuts. Even sunflower seeds I can't eat.

Hoora Rafati says:

i want all of themmmm!!!!

We like Life says:

The song is so annoying

Maria Ele Miang says:

The filling inside the Oreo, what is it made of? Cream? Milk? Or it’s just a white thing

Vanessa Ahn says:

0:00 Dairy Free Brownie Pie
1:29 Vegan Chocolate Mousse
2:04 Honeycomb Toffee
2:55 Avocado Key Lime Pie
4:27 Dairy Free Cashew Panna Cotta
5:51 Vanilla Bean
7:37 Ice Cream
9:57 Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
10:54 Fudgiest Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake
13:21 Dairy Free Peach Tart
15:10 Vegan Doughnuts
15:52 Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie
17:58 Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Madeline Mudd says:

I love how all these YouTube chefs are like “use a vanilla bean pod” THOSE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE SIS.

Carolyna Pena says:

title: 13 Vegan Versions of Your Favorite Desserts

me: oh good they have a vegan tres leches.

watches this

me:sigh, i thought it was my favorite desserts -_-

kaylee&khia Khia says:

Just got the ingredients for the chocolate vegan cake wish me luck👀psa: using gluten free flower instead bc I’m also gluten free!!

Coach Filomena says:

Thank you for the VEGAN treats! More of these please!

Hyper Girl says:

The cream in the sandwhich cookies is not vegan

Ashlie Rich says:

Is it just me, or 1 don't have 1 ingredient for everyyyy recipe haha

AZ Services says:

This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

lyric videos says:

ah yes, my favorite dessert, vanilla bean

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