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it’s the best vegan chicken noodle soup ever and it’s so easy to whip up. Done in 30 minutes, in 1 pot!


I found vegan chicken bouillon cubes at a natural health food store in Toronto AND I’ve also ordered them online here:

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I USED Tofurkey Slow Roasted Chicken in this video


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Stealbin 2 says:

This is so good!!!!! I'm still making it after 4 years!!!

Sandra Carli says:

It would be better to use thin noodles like capelli d'angelo or tagliolini. Those noodles are actually for tomato sauce.

G. David Tenenbaum says:

Great video as always. Thank you! Can you substitute soy curls for vegan chicken? If so, should I saute the soy curls the same way you did the chicken?

TheDeadmanTT says:

Lifting my brown bits.

Jessica Watson says:

You can also add ckickpeas instead of chicken.

Sue Medeiros says:

This is so easy to make and soooooo yummy! Thank you!

Eliza Namazi says:

Have you ever made aash reshteh?

Magda.L says:

I can’t find vegan chicken stock but I use vegetable stock and add some nooch 🙂

Samantha King says:

Th…the background music is a jazz arrangement of "Billie Jean"

yokölebişeadam says:

I've been looking to make this for two years and finally we have smoked firm tofu in my country and I cannn!! Yayy

TaShar16 says:

thumbs down as sooooon as I heard that nasty annoying sip at the beginning, eeeekkk

athena energy Shine says:

Hey I actually made this with tofu and I add in extra veg mushroom, zucchini and green bean just because I need to eat more veg. I omit onion and garlic. It taste great it’s herby I will try to make something else next time. This is the first food I cook in my whole life all by myself I am so proud of me because of you. Thanks Lauren

athena energy Shine says:

Hey I am actually seriously going to give this shop on Saturday but I just want to have Virgie right now. If I skip out the chicken and the noodles do I need to omit any spices

athena energy Shine says:

Wow I love you already cause you made cooking look easy

Ricki figueira says:

Hello love your videos u so funny

robbie says:

Okay so I just am currently making this, I got my ingredients from superstore a few hours ago but I just now realized I accidentally shoplifted the vegan chicken because the cashier did not scan it and now I feel terrible this meal is going to be so wrong morally I feel bad

John May says:

Have you tried the "Better than Bouillon"? It's chicken flavor made with vegetables (vegan).

aba r says:

I’m making this recipe right now. 😀

Edit: okay, I’m about to finish, I tasted it and it’s soooo gooooddd!!!!!! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe!

Lakisha Jeanty says:

I am allergic to soy recommend anything other than tofurkey ?

Ava Hennessy says:

I’m getting over a stomach virus and this is on the menu tonight , I’m so excited 💖

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