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I’m Sara Lynn Cauchon also known as The Domestic Geek! My goal is to help you eat well and live better with easy and delicious weekly recipes! I’m dishing our new videos every Monday and Thursday!

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Daniela Barra says:

Probase Nutrition has some of the best vegan/vegetarian protein powders and superfood powders.

nick Lumba says:

How long do these meals last for in the fridge?

Laura Ezeani's healthy living says:

Vegan food taste delicious and promotes your health because it is so rich in vitamins and minerals with therapeutic effects. Feel free to look into my YouTube channel at lauraezeani healthy living for more recipes

Tanveer Kaur says:

Is that okay if I sauté my vegetables and add some seasoning.

Vonne Blazier says:

This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube. ❤

Redouane Fahame says:

A book telling the history of ancient cooking

Nancy Ruth Deen, Breakup Coach says:

This video actually helps me get my meal prep mojo back!

MB - g says:

Today I made the curried sweet potato with raita sauce for some of the teachers in my son's school to show appreciation and I love that they loved it! The raita sauce is so good I'm sad I don't have more. Thank you so much for your meal prep guide!

Annjie Estigoy says:

Thank you so much. For helping my diet plan

Kitty vine says:

Olive oil when heated oxidizes (Rusts) in your blood, causing cardio vascular disease (CVD). Why would anyone pay top dollar for cold pressed (not heated) olive oil to then heat? Because they know no better. Also, most olive oils purchased in US are a combination of rancid oils. This is a simple FYI for your viewers.

chatti ali says:

,merci Chef pour votre super recette

chatti ali says:

,Love you ma jolie

chatti ali says:

HAPPY Weekend

chatti ali says:

,bonsoir mon amour

Bridget mutunga says:

I love your plant based diet

Ani Goswami says:

2:11 add something greener for contrast (and not because it’s healthy lol)

Carol Vayda says:

The first one is definitely my favorite! ♥

Meg G says:

I made this for the kids and I ended up eating the whole thing. The kids demanded meat.

Jay Adams says:

Can I cook the 2nd recipe? Maybe change the cucumber for squash or zucchini?

Krystal Bancroft says:

I made these for my family today! Thank u it didn’t take too long we all sat outside and chopped veggies and got the baking steaming and couscous all in one shot

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