What We Eat In A Day As A Vegan Family: Our Day Off Adventure!

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Join us for a day of delicious meals and an outing at the zoo. As vegans, we have mixed feelings on zoos, but we feel that ultimately there is not clear cut black and white, right or wrong answer, and it was a great learning experience for our toddler, Max! You’re gonna love our delicious Antioxidant-rich blueberry green smoothie recipe, fresh lunch on-the-go, and stay tuned, because as always, dinner and dessert are EPIC!

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♥ Erin & Dusty

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EatMoveRest - The Stanczyks says:

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FeelingIrie Jen says:

The zoo and the circus are two of the most depressing places. I hope I will never have the privilege of visiting again 😔

Caroline says:

A lot of animals in our old zoo (fort worth) were rescued and would not have survived in the wild. However here it is not like that here (Asheboro NC) but on the other hand it is one of the largest natural/wild habitat zoos in the country…so that's cool. I'm torn also. They do also have huge dedicated programs for breeding of endangered species at some zoos which is a plus. We all know the cons. One time I felt a strong urge to free the jaguar at the Dallas zoo. The size of it's enclosure should be illegal. I agree I'm glad I can take my kids to see the animals they might not otherwise see.

Ingrid Pear says:

Try a portabella mushroom "steak" and kidney bean pie with a whole wheat (or gluten free flour)crust topping 👍.

Esther Mason says:

Just came across your channel and love the recipes! When will the ebook be available again?! 💜

One Mama To Another says:

That lunch looked wonderful! It's so odd to see people out and things open as everything is still closed where I live. We go to the Zoo once in a while when learning about animals (we homeschool) but don't go just for something to do/pleasure. Also, we always do treats/desserts at snack time instead of after dinner as it takes away any discussion of dinner first or how much the kids have eaten etc. It works great!

Wonders Of Crimson says:

I personally don't like Zoos and aquariums. It's not their natural habitat.


ıdeal family in my dreams ,huge loves from Turkey,Ankara

Talks With Taty says:

You guys are great parents

Talks With Taty says:

Is there another way to make cheese sauce without cashews? I only hear about cashews and I’m allergic

Talks With Taty says:

I’m mixed in zoos as well for same reason

Talks With Taty says:

Wow where is this zoo located😍

Be a voice for the voiceless ! says:

Your 🍓 earrings are adorable!!!💖

Bailey Shafer says:

I feel the same way about zoos. I won’t go until I have kids. I think it’s a good way to teach our kids why we are vegan❤️

Cara-Jayne Barclay says:

anyone know a swap for Bananas? I´m allergic

M MC says:

Hi lovely! Is your black bracelet Shungite?

britcochran says:

This video is wonderful! Love to see what you feed Max! Did you put fresh strawberries on his oatmeal or were they freeze dried? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Angela Harlan says:

Max's smile is so adorable 🥰

Candace says:

Me n my husband went to the doorly zoo last weekend n said the same thing I feel like it should be more to there wild environment n animals should be able to live in a way as they would as if they were there including hunting running it’s providing that type of space … I need to check out that restaurant you mentioned I’ve lived in Omaha for 8yrs n need to find more of these places happy they have that !

Shannon Baker says:

What is the blender?

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