Merle's Favorite Vegan Meal Prep Meals

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Merle shares some of her favorite dishes to make in big batches, perfect for meal-prep!

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K Renee says:

This is so impressive! Thank you so much!

HorrorBeautyFX says:

@Goodful Merle Please give me a veggie burger recipe that is not mushy, doesn't fall apart and I can grill and not have to fry in a pan.

ashley knott says:

I do not own an immersion blender. All these recipes require that.

00008Amanda says:

Why am I now discovering you and your channel???!!! I love everything I see here!! Thank you so much Merle!! You are magnificent!!

sum’n else says:

we used vegan

Nicole Kjellberg says:

That portabello burger looked so good, I so want the measurments! 😍

Danielle Swenor says:

We need more Merle videos

ameena pathan says:

I wish you provided the measurements for all the recipes!

careTWOdance says:

Merle is the best!

Katey Stevenson says:

Great video! I can tell it took a LOT of time!! Thank you 🙂

allysoune says:

1: this channel is a life saver for my diet and is giving me so many recipes
2: she needs to make a podcast

ok says:

"turning down dream guys left and right" weird way to get an ego boost lol

Danielle Swenor says:

I just seen a mc Donald’s ad before this. You won’t take my money satan

Corbinite says:

I normally don't like quinoa but I've been trying to find ways to like it. I've discovered that you can pop it on the stove like popcorn. You have to be way more gentle with it than corn because it will burn but if you do it right with some trial and error you can get a lot of the same flavor and especially texture as popcorn (just without those horrible painful slivers of seed coat). There's still a bit of that bitter green taste left over but I find that the smoky savory notes help to make that less of a bother

Chuong Nguyen says:

[inaudible mumbling]


Mary Stringham says:

At the end, with the sorbets, you can also boil the fruit sugar and water and use it as a jam or syrup

Mary Stringham says:

When you were making suggestions for ways to make burgers you said that we can make a pickle olive mushroom one. You literally just named my top the vegetables I hate lol

Aisha Zeben says:

Please stop putting wine in stuff. Just use the substitutes. I love the recipes and would really like to see them in a way that is realistic for me

ginger spice says:

Dear Goodful, I love your channel, but I am not that quick, I am trying to write down some of Your Recipes, but you go too fast with the Ingredients. I am not a fast senior. I went to your Discription Box, to see if you had them Listed in their, I didn't see them. Do you mind going a little bit slower when showing you Recipes Ingredients? For this senior? Thanks, have a good day.

Alexandra Cristina says:

Just tried the 1 pot lasagna.
Taste ✅ delicious
Shape ⚠️ not really as planned
The pot ❌ oops, it died for a good cause

Love this video though, still have a lot to learn on cooking!

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