3 Step Formula for the Best Vegetarian Sunday Roast (Flexitarian Diet Tips)

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In this video I share my 3 step formula for the best Vegetarian Sunday Roast Dinner – especially good if you are trying out the Flexitarian Diet or just want to eat a little less meat and save some money on the food bill.

I’ve used some dairy in the example recipes but this can easily be substituted using the formula – just omit the egg and choose your favourite oil instead of butter if you’re dairy free to make yours an entirely Plant Based or Vegan Sunday Roast.

In the video there are three recipes to give you examples of how the formula works :
* Sour Cherry and Apricot Stuffing Balls – Pick a Protein (chestnuts, walnuts and egg in this case)
* Rosemary Roasted Cauliflower Steaks – make it a Feast for the Eyes!
* & my Super Special Onion Gravy – get on the Gravy Train!

Then there’s the bonus tip on how to make the crispiest meat free roast potatoes – with not a hint of goose fat in sight! I hope you enjoy it!

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Rebekah Legion SundayGirlJournals says:

@Growing Frugal – I just wanted to advise you that eggs aren’t vegetarian & the Vegetarian Society don’t consider them to be vegetarian either. Many yolks have a tiny fetus attached to them. The only way you can get a vegetarian egg is if you yourself keep chickens who are all hens. But many vegetarians & all vegans still won’t chance it & they’re considered abortions & periods. But if you wanted to vegetarianise the stuffing, simple olive oil is the best binding agent. Although you can buy egg replacer or add a spot of Agar. 🙂Hope this helps. Love your recipe despite the egg as I’d just make it with olive oil. Thanks for sharing & hope by now you’ve converted to full time vegetarian or veganism as you’ve probably seen the cruelty on organic farms where they slaughter their own animals on the news 💖

Shona Broughton says:

The veggie bouillon looks really good. Can you show us how you made that? Very motivating roast. Cauliflower steaks look very tasty

Cooking and Calm says:

Sorry the video is late everyone and thanks for your patience- a complete tech meltdown, most of it 'user error' on my part! So here it is, my 3 steps formula for converting Sunday Roast Dinner to a beautiful veggie version. I hope you like it – there's still time to get in those cauliflowers for this Sunday – enjoy!

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