Curtis Stone's Vegetarian Enchiladas

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Chef Curtis Stone puts a meat-free twist on a classic Mexican dish.
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mb knowles says:

Can she slow the *&^% down and let us all enjoy the process!

Teri D24 says:

I would put vegan cheese on it

SimpleVisionVideos says:

Looks yummy, it's been a while since I've watched a live cooking show but there's so much on the counter it's hectic and rushed

Riana Đenise says:

Not even 10 seconds in and you start off calling a dish you're making "horribly boring"… I'll pass

Amber Sky says:

I'd be pissed af if I paid for tickets to that shitshow

Van H says:

Those my friends are tacos not enchiladas. Ennchiladas have sauce not a salsa.

Ryan Ellis says:

"tom-ay-toes," no Curtis.

RCsMom4 says:

She rushed him through most of his process and was very inconsiderate. Can't stand her rudeness but Curtis was great!

Black Rose says:

Love the recipe but find her distracting, Curtis is usually a well organized chef. Guess some work better with others or alone. Gonna try this for lunch.

Itazuke Dee says:

Racheal cannot stand for someone else to take over she is controlling and annoying. He is a chef and she is a short order cook…stfu

Adri Rizo says:

This one was very messy and disorganized.

Coleen Matonic says:

Vegans are delusional if they don't eat dairy, they would never have survived without breast milk, or soy or cow solids in formula

ukgal1234 says:

Disorganized 😐

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau says:

Loved your video!

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