Vegetarian Cooking Lesson – Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

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Join Master Chef Ram with a unique twist on a Vietnamese classic!

This Vegetarian Cooking Lesson is Quick and easy. Follow along with the Chef in real time and create a master piece.

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diane sanzone says:

Nice recipe, a lot of ingredients though. I pop my rice paper in warm water for 5 seconds and works out perfectly! What kind of bean sprouts are you using? Mung bean? Thanks!

NiNa says:

Delicious! Great, calm way of presentation too. Definitely will become my signature dish.

LindaMarie Linkhauer says:

Your waiting too long with your rice paper in the water,that's why they are tearing.

Dung nguyetxuan Bui says:

Less oil and don’t soak the rice paper like that dip it quickly one by one as you go

Amandeep Kaur says:

You nailed this dish. I love cooking, by watching your video i can tell it is so flavourful and yummy. I will definitely try to make these rice paper roll .Thanks for sharing. You are the best. God bless you.

Barbs Smith says:

oh lordy ….. you just dunk the rice paper one at a time and quickly not soak them .. thats why they ripped

Juliet Agre says:

This chef needs a lesson

Hermie C says:

God so much oil, sorry but I lost my appetite

Ruthann Amarteifio says:

I'm thinking these are really tasty! 🙂
However, way too wet—–
You do compost, right?

Pauline K says:

Thanks chef. Nice cooking lesson. Cool knife skills and an rich and healthy dish.

Cheryl Houghton says:

You do not need to soak them so LONG, especially since you are using WET ingredients. This is not helpful for someone who is learning to make these the first time. Or second, or third… The flavors sounded delightful though.

sri says:

I liked ur ingredients and the idea of chopping vegetables.

Rusty Paris says:

This is why you are making a mess with those wrappers…hard to watch.

Rusty Paris says:

Don't need to soak…grab like a steering wheel over water. Turn..turn..turn…it will soften…you have way too much water on your wrappers… Just saying.

Julia Sloan says:

Excellent presentation…Thank you

bestamerica says:

yummuy love to eat rice paper rolling…
goood tastey…
rather 3 rice papers in a roll is better than 1 rice paper

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