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Host Maria Loi brings us to the rooftop of the historic Hotel Grande Bretagne in the heart of Athens and overlooking the Acropolis. She’s joined by Michelin star chef Asterios Koustoudis, and they prepare some Mediterranean classics with a twist: Eggplant Salad and Spinach Rice. Back in New York, Maria whips up Eggplant Boats and Spinach and Rice Soup.

Spinach and Rice Soup:
Eggplant Boats:

About This Series
In The Life of Loi: Mediterranean Secrets, Maria Loi, executive chef of the critically acclaimed Loi Estiatorio restaurant in Manhattan, shares thousands of years of knowledge baked into Mediterranean cuisine. Maria takes us island hopping across Greece – from Athens to Naxos to Evia – while learning about local ingredients and serving up the secrets to making some of the region’s most classic dishes.

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PDogB says:

What a great show! More please!

Jacqueline says:

Inspired by your healthy meals 😊

Robert Nagys says:

Dear Maria, your program made us want to be in Greece. You were FABULOUS and the recipes mouth-watering. Looking forward to next week and Viktor's take on your eggplant! Love, Robert

Bruce Hunter says:

Love the amazing beauty of Greece and Chef's awesome recipes! Everything tastes better (and healthier) with more olive oil!

Andriana Vamvakas says:

Maria Loi, you are a superstar!!! Inspiring people throughout the world with you food, passion and most beautiful loving smile!!!

Her Aeolian Harp says:

This looks wonderful.

Beckett Potter says:

Amazing…Most authentic. My day just became Delicious!

GBH says:

Dr. Katherine E. Fleming says: "It's great to be here with you today! Welcome and thanks for joining us."

GBH says:

Dr. Stefanos Kales says: "Welcome to Life of Loi!! Thank you for watching. Happy to answer health questions on the Greek diet."

Chef Maria Loi says:

Welcome to THE LIFE OF LOI! Excited to share my world with everyone!

GBH says:

Dr. Stefanos Kales says: "Welcome to Life of Loi!! Thank you for watching. Happy to answer health questions on the Greek diet."

Isabella and Sofia says:

I am so excited for this. Love Chef Loi

Marco Divine says:

Maria, you beautiful soul, always the avant-garde in Greek Cuisine! Congratulations!

Matt Earl says:

You're a rockstar, Chef Loi! Best wishes.

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