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If you’ve been putting off trying grilled veggie burgers, now’s the time to finally try them! Our black bean burger recipe will show you that healthy food and vegetarian options can be surprisingly flavorful — even if you’re trading in chicken for chickpeas and ribs for roasted vegetables. Video producer Paris starts this black bean burger off by roasting the veggies used to make the patty, which gives them some smoky flavors but also dehydrates them enough to stick together and crisp up over the coals later. Then it’s time to take out the food processor and purée the patty mix, but not until you allow the veggies to cool first — eggs are included to act as a biner, and mixing them with hot vegetables will leave you with a weird mixture of puréed veggies and scrambled eggs. When that’s done, just grill the roasted vegetable burger like you would a beef patty! With flavorful supporting ingredients like garlic, bell peppers, and BBQ sauce, you’ll be surprised by just how tasy a black bean burger can be.

Grilled Veggie Burger Recipe:

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Paris joined BBQGuys as a video producer in 2013, elevating the quality of our videos to new heights with each passing year. Now she’s taking a turn in front of the camera! As an avid outdoorswoman who loves grilling as much as hunting and fishing, it was only a matter of time before Paris started dreaming up recipes of her own.

Filmed/Produced by: Paris Frederick


Lacoste1212Blanc 1212 says:

That mixture looks like SHIT.

Rakie chakie says:

I am looking forward to making this 🙂


Any alternative for eggs? I'm a vegetarian and I don't consume them

Josiah Brush says:

Whole lotta information packed into this video. Thank you! 👍🏻

Susie says:

What an amazing burger recipe! My husband is a vegetarian and we’re going to a BBQ tomorrow, so I’m definitely making these to take along! I love your cast iron BBQ!

Dustin says:

Avid meat eater here and these look AMAZING! I smoked veggies and blended them hot (didn't follow directions and wait for them to cool 😛 ) I also added the corn starch water along with bread crumbs and flour. It was still a goopy mess (though smells amazing). I figured it would thicken as it cools in the bowl over night. This morning it is still a sticky mess. I added tons more flour, corn starch, and bread crumbs and no change.

At this point I went ahead and made 4 patties and put them in the freezer to attempt to get them semi solid before cooking. What did I do wrong? Excited to try this for sure!

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this video to get some veggies into everyone 🙂

Shaurya Agarwal says:

I tested it it’s so good

Chadwick Jonathan says:

Definitely not vegetarian or vegan but I do like Black Bean burgers. I will try these soon. The video was Great you did a good job. The comments are funny No one gives a damn if you don’t Eat Eggs. We will have them with 🥚 🥚 and bacon on top.

MickiFro Gr8ness says:

Very nice quality with the video. You get a like from me 👍🏿😁

Sarah Panullo says:

Egg kind of defeats the purpose of eating a veggie burger. Maybe use flax egg(1 Tbsp. ground flax, 3 Tbsp. warm water) instead.

Barbecue Walk of Flame says:

I'm certainly going to give these a try, they sure look good.

Shaunon Hill says:

🦋👍🏽❤❤❤gonna try these!!! Thanks!!

ClassicxChunk says:

Wow these look ace, subscribed!! I am gonna make these at the weekend, can you make them the night before and chill overnight? 🙂

Kibibi Moshi says:

Nice recipe where can I. Buy that grill please and thank you

Elton Santos says:

Eggs, veggie?

Chris Pepper says:

Definitely going to give these a go as they look amazing, gonna try and swap the egg out for flaxseed, fingers crossed 🙂

Gina Adamski says:

This looks so good!! I love a good veggie burger.

Paulo Vieira says:

Amazing gonna give it a try 🙂

Smoked Reb BBQ says:

First time in my life I actually wanted a veggie burger!

CanonFirefly says:

I'll definitely be making these. My daughter and I are vego but love burgers. They look yummo!

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