Tried All The Magnum Ice Creams | 5 Diffrent Flavours

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Irelands_peak says:

Me here high as shit tryna eat more ice creams than this guy

Aravind says:

White almond magnum

Y. Vaishnavi says:

U didn't try magnum ruby icecream

Kartik Singh says:

Bhai agar chocolate pe video nahi banaya hote toh suscribe like sab kar deta par yaar……… 😭😭😭😭

What's up it's mee says:

So underrated

🔥LITT🔥 says:

Wait where is the classic white chocolate one ? That and the white chocolate almond are my favorite. Nice video tho.

Paula Dimperāne says:

There aint my fav ice cream.
Its white chocolate and Cookie chips and inside vanila ice cream

silent killer Gaming says:


silent killer Gaming says:

Baisa hai tu

silent killer Gaming says:

Aabe taklya kiti khato

Aryan Koul says:

How do you eat so many ice creams🍦 just at once?!😿

Sharath Kumar says:

Hands of to ur english

Princess Clearwater says:

I love your videos!!!! Keep it up!!!!

Princess Clearwater says:

I cant even afford one magnum

Nikhil Lubana says:

Naxos edmond😂😂😂😂

vaishnav Khilare says:

Try truffle,brownie,hazelnut also

Gladwin Britto says:

Just turn on the subtitles and read it when he tells about almond ice cream

clean smasher says:

Worst video ever stop being this junk to youtube

V Phoenix says:

I've tried d white almond & it's excellent. I think d classic & d almond classic will taste perfect too 😋

sid sidi says:

He does not know how to speak english

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