3 Classic Chinese Greens – How to Cook & Prepare

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How to cook Gai Lan, Yu Choy Sum and Baby Bok Choy. These Asian greens are simple to prepare and delicious!

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Flo Lum says:

Super easy ways to get your greens in! 🥬 Happy Sunday!

FoodHead25 Lovefood says:

thanks – may 2021

Anuradha Abhayawardhana says:

Actually it was very nice and simple

Mark Deville.com says:

I like the way you guys cook thank you 🙏🏾

Lincoln Lau says:

Choy sum was the king of vegetables in my parents house. They grew it in the garden in the back yard every year and we ate plenty of choy sum all summer long. Towards the end of summer, the choy sum gets tough and stringy and is no longer edible. We just wait for it to go to seed and collect for next year's crop. My grandmother also would boil it and hang it in the backyard for dried greens to make soup with in the winter (gwon choy). My parents called it choy sum. We are Toisun Chinese. I believe Hong Kong Chinese call it yu choy, which means oil vegetable. Choy sum is the juvenile plant of rapeseed, that the Chinese use to make cooking oil

Kathleen Wagner says:

Re: young children and vegetables. Our first four were boys, and all born within about six years in the Eighties. We homeschooled them, so for many years there was nobody to tell them they didn't like vegetables. So they did like them. They ate broccoli, greens, mushrooms, carrots, squash, everything children are supposed to be picky about..

vilma vanoverbeck says:

Asian fast food from restaurants, is really bad.

vilma vanoverbeck says:

I love that you actually talk about your family way of cooking. Teaching tradition and stories about our ancestors is what is going to keep our children in the real meaning of life.

Citi Girl says:

Babies don’t like anything new, you have to repeat feed them foods until they acquire a taste for it. Older children often copy their parents eating likes and dislikes. If they see you enjoying something there is a good chance they will eat it happily or acquire a taste for it if they don’t initially enjoy it so much. The exceptions are usually allergic reactions.

Caroline Theberge says:

Really grateful for your videos. So good to learn about these veggies, now I’ll know what they are and give them a try without ruining them! Thanks!

Julieta Baziyan says:

Thank you. Very useful info👍

Avsje A says:

Great video. Very informative. Thank you.

Bina PGH says:

Green leafy veggies was a must at my table as well. Can't wait to try the baby bok choy. Or at least the veggies Pittsburgh has to offer 🤷🏽‍♀️ thanks for posting

Francisco Chaves says:

;Your channel is special. Thanks for sharing with us the joy of preparing fresh Chinese greens. I grow all of them from seed and Gpd blesses me with great crops, which I share.

A Alexander says:

Thank you😘

Safia Ahmed says:

Thank you for sharing! Much appreciated!😁

Lorna Haynes says:

Thank you for sharing 🙂

Francisco Chaves says:

Wow, thanks. Such a simple video, but so enjoyable. Those three vegetables, and the way you blanch them, contain every enjoyable element of vegetables, crunchiness, tartness, juiciness, nutrition, fulfillment. You can't go wrong if you follow this recipe.

classical7 says:

So simple & delicious!! 😁👍

Xanat Guiot says:

Hey Flo! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I love Chinese veggies but I dont know how to prepare them. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks!

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