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In this video, I do not address much about weight and in fact I do not give any numbers. This video is an update on why I have not posted any videos over the last 7 weeks. I talk about self-sabotage, my mental health, our subconscious and touch on over-eating and binging.


The Unexpected Ways to Heal Self Sabotage: https://youtu.be/xdeEeawHAik

Slim On Starch Program:
The coaches I have been working with since January 2021: https://www.healthyemmie.org/?r_done=1 Emmie has a very informative YouTube Channel as well as the Slim On Starch Program. If you sign up for her program, please write in Jen’s Vegan Eats as your referral when you apply. 🙂

My Recipes: https://jensveganeats.com/maximum-weight-loss/

Starch Solution Book: To purchase https://amzn.to/3rfzXX8

Maximum Weight Loss Guidelines (free info): https://www.drmcdougall.com/2019/05/15/mcdougall-program-maximum-weight-loss-10-point-checklist-and-recipes/

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Jen's Vegan Eats says:

Thank you all for staying with me… even when I disappear for 7 weeks! I was going through some big changes in my mental health and healing my negative habits around food. I tell you all about it in this video. -Jen 🙂

Krista Leoncavallo says:

Jen your ability to be honest and vulnerable here helps so many people. You got me into SOS and I’m working through a lot of the same things. I can relate and you aren’t alone. Keep up the good and hard work…you are worth it!

Brenda Sullivan says:

It's crazy I am in the same place!! Love your channel Jen! sending so much love and support ❤

VegetaBohls says:

My new favorite saying is "Relapse is a part of recovery." Apparently it's from AA, but is so appropriate for any change we want to make. It's in the relapses that we remember why we are changing and once we are back on the road to recovery, we can look back to see what it was that caused the relapse. Eventually, the relapses are farther and father apart because we are so much stronger and understand ourselves so much better. Glad you are back and so open.

Lilian Aldana says:

Welcome back thank you for sharing 💜

Christine Taylor says:

OMG I can totally relate!

Elizabeth Alderman says:

I've only watched you several times. New subscriber. But right off the bat I thought you were in your 20s. I have 2 coffee cups. 1 says Feeling Groovy. The other 1 says Choose to be Happy. They actually start my day off on a positive note. Life is tuff sometimes. Hoping you can overcome your stresses.

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