Gordon Ramsay DESTROYS That Vegan Teacher..

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That Vegan Teacher made a pretty ridiculous and bad song about Gordon Ramsay, and Gordon Ramsay responded to That Vegan Teacher calling her a donut. Gordon Ramsey absolutely roasted that Vegan Teacher to the bone. Also forgot to mention this was on Tik Tok, surprise surprise. That Vegan Teacher got into a recent similar situation with a Minecraft YouTuber known as TommyInnit. TommyInnit is a minecraft YouTuber who literally got dueted by That Vegan Teacher out of nowhere lmfao.

🎧 Intro Song: https://open.spotify.com/track/70SbS9g5hfZHcRrVpMt4bv?si=gshcax49SRiLtIom5e_iBg

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Pancho says:

reply for air

Jan Mašek says:

she actually might turn some vegans back to meat eating, would not be suprised 😀


2:06 nice censorship man… absolutely perfect

superrhy9001 says:

bbq chicken wing are tasty not gonna lie

uno reversed says:

this guy hasnt UPLOADED FOR LEGIT 4 MONTHS (3rd or 4th off june maybe 5 idk 2021)

NatekOmgYt cool says:

vegan teacher saying to not eat animals me eating bacon watching this

Carla Zoric says:

Dude ur the best guy I've ever met

Matt Burgess says:

where apple

kdepenbrock says:

NO ONE NEEDS A Canadian teacher telling you what to do telling you how to eat in Faking on a hold her another TickTock profileThat they are American like we don’t want you in our country I mean if trying to be mean but Canada kicks you out then I’m not gonna be surprised and if you move to America then we’re gonna kick you right out as soon as we hear your voice and if you keep moving to all these places and we’re just gonna kick you out until you go to the last place that you can live in they got chop your head right off and we’re all gonna be so happy when you die I’m not trying to be mean if you’re vegan but this lady is making y’all look bad

Jack Hiatt says:

I still haven't gotten my apple.

Mr DUMB DUMB says:

Animals are alive
Yes and wheb they died by any cause they aren't alive anymore so it 's consumable
Also did she just explaing GR wtf is food is

Billie-Jo Pyska says:

Her smile is lowkey creepy!

Billie-Jo Pyska says:

No way This is true bruh She is weird!!

Red banana says:

I eat chicken nuggets 😂

Emmanuel’s Adventures says:

To be honest her plan is which I don’t think will work make the whole world vegan so she gets all the meat bc theres a vid of her eating a burger at sonic

Chenghao X says:

We shall name people like her a vegan karen. 🙂

sukayna mohamed says:

me eating a cheeseburger when im watching this

Miku Horizon says:

Day 37 still waiting for the apple



Obviously Bhoomika says:

Wait until the vegan teacher gets to know that plants are alive…

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