How to make Lebanese Wrap | Falafel Wrap | Falafel Veggie Wraps | hummus wrap | easy falafel recipe

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VEGETARIAN CHIMICHANGA — Black Bean Veggie Burger – lebanese wrap | falafel wrap | lebanese veggie wrap | pita veggie wraps

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বাংলা ভাই Bangla Bhai says:

Why you contrinue saying I am going to…… I am going to….and too much ad…..

kalyani rajalingham says:

Great video! Thanks!

JD says:

That looks absolutely delicious. Wholesome delicious food….. 😍

OxieBoy says:

You should write the recipe in the description!

लोकगीत lokgeet roli radheshyam says:

Thanks for sharing ma'am


superb recipe !!! M
y family loved it

varsha bhutada says:

Can you please tell me that chick peas is soked and boiled?

Afroza Kardame says:

How to make tahini sauce??

Tas Cabron says:

Hi please help I’m from Mexico I’m doing this how do I know when the veggie balls are cook not raw what’s the white sauce they put on it

HRIDAYAM ✅ says:

Dude, I’m from Qatar and I know the recipe….Just wanted to tell you that you don’t add cheese, Carrots and onions in the wrap.

RAS traiteur libanais RAS traiteur libanais says:

Falafels is from Palestine

Muhammad Sultan as says:

I really like it very good today i ll make inshaallah thank you so much to show me like this type of snakes

noble136 says:

Who ever married you will never go hungry

JSJ Busta says:

Indian people eat good food 😍 so does Mexicans!!! Ugh love both combined 😚

NorthernKanuk says:

This was my FIRST EVER falafel and I loved it! Big hit with the kids too. 😁 Only two things I was disappointed in and that was, they fell apart, despite adding a tablespoon of flour? The second, is that I wanted more, but they were all gone! Lol… Thanks for sharing the recipe, it was delicious… 😋😋

choudhary Amit Turan says:

Everything is alright but why you trying fake british accent, its sounds so irritating. Better to speak in your own Indian accent rather than being a fake British.
We know how British speak how American speak when people like you try their accent and sound funny stupid assholes

D EY says:

It has to be a paste so they are more crunchy

Sam Farin says:

You’re making indian dish…lol your channel is a joke

Sam Farin says:

Lol you fool who puts cumin powder and coriander poweder

Abhishek Tripathi says:

Like the “little by little “ recipe preparation

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