The 15 Minute Dinner Series – Veggie Coconut Curry

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This is how you get down in 15 minutes on one of the most versatile and flavorful dishes in the kitchen!
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Veggie Coconut Curry

short-grain white rice, washed
(2:1 ratio of water to rice)

1 bunch broccolini, cut into bite-sized pieces
coconut oil 1 tbs
stir-gently, then transfer to a separate bowl

Add another 1 tbs coconut oil into pan, then add around 2-3 tbs curry spice blend on low heat and stir until fragrant
Increase heat to high, add
garlic, 1 clove sliced
ginger 2 tbs cut into matchsticks
2 shallots thinly sliced
1/2 to a full can of coconut milk (add water to thin if necessary)
fresh spice blend to taste
turn down to medium
1/2 cup or one whole red pepper, thinly sliced
sliced fresh shiitake mushrooms 4-5
juice of 1/2 lemon
return broccolini to pan
2 or so green onions

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Victoria Ayala says:

This coconut curry recipe is pretty similar to a recipe from Ecuador which is called “encocado” , but they don’t use curry powder , they use cumin powder and add fish. It’s very good .

Shpend Mula says:

15 minute curry demonstrated in 21 minutes!

Manuela Gomez says:

I tried adding ginger and garlic to coconut oil since the begging for flavor and my mind was like 🤯🤯 Awesome tip! Thanks 🙏🏻

Stephanie Prazenica says:

This looks amazing! I started seeing your videos since COVID, so I'm a newbie, but I frequently refer to your videos. Watching an old video makes me appreciate where you have taken the channel even more. Thanks for taking down the language! I'm so glad that your new stuff can be playing with my kids in the room. I really appreciate that change. Thanks!

Pipster says:

shalLOTS. 🙂

Nubicat says:

Its suposed to end sweet??

Bowen Lockwood says:

it is blooming the spices not tempering so you know.

nath says:

thumbs down for buying peeled shallots in a plastic box 😭

Darius S says:

Why everything is so oily and dirty in this kitchen ? 😱

babavee100 says:

Throwing away the stalks from mushrooms?

Grace Barnes says:

Missn the fish sauce! 💜

Shubhendu Gautam says:

It’s always better to add lime juice once the heat is off not during cooking.

terrytime115 says:

He's so right cooking is a form of expression👍

Jacqui McDougall says:

Im makign this today thank you

Lulu says:

You’re awesome

Jake From State Farm says:

Hiyaaa if the rice to dry, you fucked up. If rice to wet you also fucked up. Why you no use rice cooker? And why you no use shiitake stems in curry? Uncle roger will be disappointed hiyaaa

Pat Eccleston says:

Long intro..get to cookin!

icecoldhombre says:

I’ve been watching your channel for a while and I have yet to try your recipes until today. This was pretty great! I prefer less lemon juice and more coconut milk, but I appreciate your recipe!

I always love quick, easy, and delicious recipes 👍 definitely will try your other stuff in the future.

Dallas Sukerkin says:

I am impressed, good sir, by how you put this together in a realistically small kitchen! So many cooking vids are done in huge, spacious and gadget-rich kitchens, that to see a proper meal done in a space similar to what many of us have to work with, was excellent.

Smiling Fox Media says:

"It doesn't look burnt, it just looks… a little different."

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