VEGAN POUTINE | Canada's national dish veganised!

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This is the 8th episode in season 9! This video is dedicated to the incredible people I met last year when I attended Montreal vegan festival. I did a cooking demo in front of 700 people & had one of the best days of my career so far! SO THANK YOU! I hope I paid tribute to your national dish respectfully, my friends and thought it tasted incredible. The perfect fries & awesome gravy. I hope you make the vegan poutine at home! the recipe is very simple. the perfect vegan treat. Big love Gaz

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Saïan Cantin says:

Poutine is from quebec, its an insult to call it a canadian recipe. Its like if i called a bavarian weißwurst a "german speciallity" while its a bavarian speciality.

Alexandr Alistarh says:

Look, this is no hate, but your enthusiasm seems fake

pinkville says:

As a Montrealer I can say it looks legit. And scrumptious. But strictly speaking, it's not Canada's national dish, it's Quebec's national dish. It's only about 20 years ago that poutine became widely popular and available in the rest of the country.

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:

This is a good snack while watching netflix. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. Will definitely make this! I missed Canada 😊

Michael Desormeaux says:

To be more precise, Poutine is a provincial dish from Québec, Canada (French-speaking province). This might explain the lack of Canadian "approval" for this dish here. There are a lot of adaptations of this dish everywhere in Montréal and you can find the classical versions outside the city in most non urban areas (hot dogs, fries and poutine stands). I did not know Canadians outside Québec where aware of this dish, but hey, even better if they do. Thanks @avantgardevegan for looking up dishes like this. As vegans, it is not easy to find vegan version of this outside Montréal (only in Copper Branch restaurants and a few other vegan places) Cheers!

Cristine Shaylo Marcelo says:

Perfect 😉 Thank you for providing your time and talents! Awesome 😊

linedezainde says:

I was looking for a vegan poutine and discovered your channel today. Great recipes and I can't wait to check out more videos! As a French Quebecer, I am extra picky when it comes to poutine and will definitely try this version. The one thing I might modify is using browned flour, because that's what my family uses for gravy. Another popular option is to add black tea.

Mary Garcia says:

what cheese brand or cheese recipe did u use?

chapman says:

I guess you met The Buddhist chef, Jean-Philippe Cyr? He participates to the vegan festival. I have his recipe books, I have done many of his recipes with success. I say you are The British Buddhist chef. Like you, his presentations of vegan food makes us want to try them.

Danica S says:

I must mention that Poutine is Quebec's provincial dish. Two different cities in Quebec claim to have invented it; Shawinigan and Drummondville -so altho' there is no winner, we Quebeckers are proud that the rest of Canada enjoys our dish.
The best place to enjoy a non-vegan poutine (they also make vegan) in Montreal is at, Le Banquise on Rachel Street East, with over 156 varieties…expect long line-ups after 5 p.m. Their brunch line-ups are insane!!!

Good Guy Garrett says:

Yesterday (Oct. 31st) he had 1.18 million subscribers. One day later, he has 1.19

Xavi Marti says:

Just made the gravy: amazing! 😋😋😋💚💚💚 #GoVegan #FutureIsVegan

Bmwmotorsportguy says:

Wait a minute, there's no such thing as a vegan poutine, there is no cheese. Cheese substitute doesn't count. The original poutine is french fries, gravy and cheese curds, and than all the other versions of it, you can do whatever you please with the fries and gravy but if it doesn't have cheese curds it's no poutine. It's like a hamburger with no bun, do you still consider it a hamburger?

MrFastXX says:

Sounds a lot like Heston Blumenthal's fries recipe…

zack anthony says:

That's proper poutine gaz.born and raised near quebec and half Scotish lol
theirs a poutine fest were I live and were doing one at work.fortuine enough to be the only fully vegan place serving the community hoping to see more,a little healthy competition never hurt.Notacing all the surrounding places teying to make money off of it especially the chains but if that's what it takes for them to hav options for people in a pinch then so be it.
We don't deep fry but for mine I'm frying lol its an occasion and doing the water wash then pad dry cornstarch method and a touch or oil for the oven.
I make a similar gravy. thanks for the inspiration.i didd't know you could add flour into the cooked veg.always thought u needed to make a roux or cornstarch slurry wich I'm trying to avoid as its already on the fries but alot of our customers are gluetin free.cant pleas em all lol.

Herne Webber says:

GAZ, amazing, as always. I believe we call them, "French Fries," because the cut you presented is the julienne, obviously a French word from culinary school. When sliced as rounds, we do call them "chips," or "scalloped," as in, "Scaloped Potatoes," which dairy casserole is an American Midwest staple for Winter holiday meals, often with ham cubes mixed in. With cheese, it becomes, "Potatoes Au Gratin." It's so easy to Veganise, I don't even suggest you do a video on it, unless it's as just one dish among many in a Holiday Meals vid. My fam would serve it with a corn quiche that is harder to Veganise, green greenbean casserole, and herbed dressing/stuffing, which is just a stale bread casserole, using up ends of mirepoix veg, with broth added for moisture. I add minced garlic and chopped button mushrooms to mine. To make this latter a meal, one could add chickpeas, green peas, or ones favourite faux sausage, coarsely minced. Or all three!
Good on you, making a dish I never got to try before going lacto-ovo in 1989. Now, I can finally try it! All my affection to you and yours. Cheers!

Lil Ajax says:

I tried making one and it went well, all thanks to you buddy, brings back my memories in Montreal❣️

Frank F says:

You forgot the beef stock and cheese curds

Jasmine Lilly says:

I'm Canadian so I will try it and let you know.

Silas Ehlers says:

Happy late canada day

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