Vegetable Au Gratin | Baked Veg Au Gratin Recipe | Vegetable Cheesy Bake Recipes

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Vegetable Au Gratin | Baked Veg Au Gratin Recipe | Vegetable Cheesy Bake Recipes

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Vegetable Au Gratin

Potato – 1 Cup
Carrot – 1 Cup
Beans – 1 Cup
Green Peas – 1 Cup
Cauliflower – 2 Cups
Cooked Sweet Corn
Salt – 1 Tsp (Buy:
Mozzarella Cheese (Buy:
Italian Seasoning (Buy:
Chilli Flakes (Buy:

To Make White Sauce
Unsalted Butter – 100 Gms (Buy:
Salt – 1/2 Tsp (Buy:
Italian Seasoning – 2 Tsp (Buy:
Pepper (Buy:
Chilli Flakes – 1 Tsp (Buy:
Maida – 2 Tbsp (Buy:
Milk – 2 Cups (500 ml) (Buy:
Cheese Slice – 3 Nos (Buy:

Step 1: To boil the vegetables.
1. Pour enough water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.
2. Add salt and the vegetables (potato, carrot, beands, green peas, cauliflower) that has been chopped into equal size.
3. After the 10 mins the vegetables are cooked.
4. Strain them and keep it aside.

Step 2: To make white sauce
5. To butter to a pan and let is melt.
6. Now add, salt, Italian seasoning, freshly crushed pepper, and chilli flakes. Mix them.
7. Add the maida now and whisk it.
8. After a min, add the milk and continue whisking.
9. Add cheese slices and let is melt. Whisk it thoroughly so that there are no lumps.
10. Creamy sauce is ready.

Step 3: To make Au gratin
11. Transfer the cooled vegetables to a bowl.
12. Add the cooked sweet corn and cheese sauce and mix well.
13. Grate some mozzarella cheese in a plate. Add Italian seasoning and chilli flakes.
14. Fill individual ramekins with the vegetables and top it with the grated cheese.
15. Pre-heat the over for 10 mins at 200C.
16. Keep the ramekins in the over and bake it for 10 mins at 200C.
17. Gooey cheesy Au gratin is ready to be served.

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