Vegetarian Scotch Eggs Recipe

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Scotch eggs are great for a tea-time snack or for taking on a picnic. These delicious vegetarian scotch eggs will satisfy all tastes. Recipe at
English closed captions courtesy of Daniel Bartolo (denbi90). FACEBOOK:


KindHeart says:

Wa Alaikum Salam lovely lady. Thank you for sharing this recipe, will be making some today! 😀 Jazakillahu Khairan

HP Go Green says:

These were great- added some spices too. Just want to say that your intro is far and away the best on YouTube

Kurt Marx says:

I don't have a deep fryer. Could you pan fry, or bake maybe?

catherine ciosi says:

Soothing voice….and I love veg. Scotch eggs…

Monica Nath says:

Looks amazing!

Howard Wang says:

It’s a really good recipe. I’d like to know if you need to boil the chickpeas before?

Mary Cahill says:

Thank you so much for this. It's a pleasure to watch you, you make it so easy to follow a recipe.

Elisa Bishop says:

Hi Titli, I have just made them but I haven' t fried them yet. I need them for a picnic tomorrow…Is it ok to fry them now for tomorrow or shall I fry them tomorrow morning? Thank you…Elisa

teps says:

Boiling the eggs 5-6 minutes instead of 8 makes it alot tastier

pandeyG Cooking says:

I loved this recipe of yours.

Lost Cosmic says:

Walaikum salaam

MCr33py says:

Could you eliminate the egg boiling step if you pressed the chickpea mixture (a fairly large diameter) onto a piece of plastic wrap, and broke an egg onto the center-top of the mixture and then using the plastic wrap, encase the broken egg in the mixture, then remove the plastic wrap outer coat, and go through the rest of the steps as shown? Otherwise the egg yolk looks pretty dry.

ticktack1 says:

It can be confusing to differentiate between animals and vegetables when unfertilised bird eggs are acceptable to some veggies and some also eat fish, and yes I do know what a vegan is – I did watch Star Trek.

I'm only joking by the way , in case you're thinking of trolling me.

31415926535equalspi says:

Titli, can we bake it?

SteelyDan says:

Love the recipe. Can you freeze the Scotch Eggs? Also do you need to deep fry?

Sydney Silver Show says:

Great Video!

EC912 says:

Very often when I encounter a vegetarian version of a non-vegetarian recipe, it calls for chickpeas. Are there other alternatives? Just curious about it. 😀

idanikins says:

In India and some countries around India, eggs are not considered vegetarian, but in Western countries like England, America and Australia, eggs are considered vegetarian. Ovo-vegetarian eats eggs and vegetables, lacto-vegetarian eats dairy products and vegetables, and ovo-lacto-vegetarian eats both dairy AND eggs, as well as vegetable products. 🙂

Titlis Busy Kitchen says:

You can try baking them but the result might be not nearly so good.

Annie Isabelle says:

How could I make these without a deep frier please? xx

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