Antoni Porowski's Comfort Food is a Polish Classic | Queer Eye | Netflix

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Learn how to make Antoni Porowski’s favorite comfort food: Polish Hangover Stew, better known as Zurek.

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Antoni Porowski’s Comfort Food is a Polish Classic | Queer Eye | Netflix

The Fab Five touch down in Tokyo to spread the joy, explore the culture, and help four Japanese men and women find the confidence to be themselves.


Jen Catalano says:

I need Antony to teach me some Polish recipes! My babci and dziadza died before they could teach me all their secrets!

Eileen Mulhall says:

This looks great!

Susan Leonka says:

Hi Antoni, I’m Susan and I’m from a 100 percent Polish family. I got married to a men that is also from a 100 percent family.
My mom used to make Kapusta Soup. We would have it with black pumpernickel bread with butter. It would be sooo good.
My mom passed away and I want to make this soup. But knowbody makes it the way my mom did. Her’s used to be not so watery. She used salt pork.
My mom’s family is from Krakow Poland. Maybe it’s there way of making this soup.
Do you think you could tell me how that Polish region makes the soup.
I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Thank You, Susan From Connecticut

Jarek Banaszek says:

zniszczyles polską zupe dont back from US xD nie dodales smietany

Tom Chuck says:

65% polish żurek… only.

Silver Bubbles says:

Zurek from what I know is an Easter Soup.

Kay Kold says:

“Swim vegetables”😂

Kay Kold says:

He’s so cute, I love him❤️

Es Es says:

When I'm hangover, I like more ogórkowa than żurek

Janna J says:

I dated a Polish man that’s why I’m watching this lol.

Ktoś says:

Ale pierdoły. Prawdziwy żur to była bida chłopska zupa, a to co zrobiono z nim potem to są wynalazki (na początku była bez kiełbasy tylko zakwas i pyry czasami omasta bo chłop był biedny i na kiełbasę to mógł sobie co najwyżej popatrzeć, a zjeść ewentualnie w święta). Nie chce mi się tu pisać o pochodzeniu i historii tej zupy, poszukajcie sobie sami. Przede wszystkim żur musi być biały i ma 4 składniki: zakwas, biała kiełbasa, cebula (kiełbasę się gotuje, a wodę zostawia do zupy, a potem pokrojoną kiełbasę się smaży z cebulą), jajko ugotowane na twardo, nie licząc wody i przypraw czyli soli, pieprzu oraz natki pietruszki. Do tego pyry ugotowane osobno, które je się osobno albo wkłada do żuru.

Caroline Manley says:

Love polish food!

tatolato says:

Wszyscy kochają żurek… I Antoniego 🥰 🇵🇱

Jo Nani says:

Yes, my family's recipe comes from a jar 🤣 This is very much an Easter soup in our house, with "white" sausage (cooked, but not smoked). I love it how proud you are of your Polish heritage, such an awesome role model.

Ever tried Polish ketchup made with plums?

Anwita Leo says:


Chantelle Chojnacka says:

I’ve never seen zurek look like that.

Veronica Truong says:

holy shit!!!!!

spencer says:

Antoni, I could bring my own kiełbasa and we'd make an authentic żurek together, how about that?

Jessica Hepworth says:

God those bacon and onions look sexy 😂😆

Cyber Net says:

I absolutely share Antoni's love of Kielbasa. I use it to make jambalaya since where I live in Alberta Andouille is basically impossible to find but we have a thriving Polish expat and Polish descended community.

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