How To Make Tofu Taste Like Eggs – Perfect Tofu Scramble with Eggy Flavor and Texture

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Why are tofu scramble recipes so terrible? Everybody has one and they’re all crumbly and dry and weird. I haven’t been vegan so long that I have forgotten what eggs are like! Check out my technique for a tofu scramble with the perfect eggy taste and texture, using soft tofu and black salt.


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Recipe ingredients:

1 block Soft Tofu
1 tsp garlic powder or granules
1 tsp onion powder or granules
1 pinch turmeric powder
2 Tbsp nutritional yeast
Black Salt to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste


Dawn says:

Best to rinse the tofu after taking it out of the container… 🙂

Bonnie Gail says:

Big hit with family

Annie Kook says:

Thank you!!!!

Bonnie Gail says:

the best ! (omitted black salt, don't need sulphuric taste/smell)

Pirates Ahoy says:

Watched this video a while back and it has now become my go-to tofu scramble recipe. Easy to make and tastes awesome. 🙌

Dar Fiddler says:

Hooray! I can finally let go of eggs….awesome delicious recipe. 😊

Tas says:

For some reason my black salt is exactly the same as yours. Same glass bottle with sharpied "Black Salt" on it XD

Joseph says:

This looks really good. Cant wait to give it a shot.


great job! i'll have to look for the soft tofu i've never seen it. some stores carry silken but that turned out to be too soft

Bubba Gump says:

Just made em. Life changed.

G'asha Williams says:

Well nobody wants farty hands

alondra michaela says:

Lol I loved that trash pan vegan!

María Latour says:

Deliiii ❤️😍 gonna try this right now!

DAS 1982 says:

That is very healthy actually. Tofu is packed with protein and then natural maple syrup!?? Yes!!

Kakkarot22 says:

personally not a fan of black salt, but this definitely seems better than any other "vegan egg" recipe i've ever seen

menemai says:

I will definitely try this out! I'm like 90% vegan and eggs are definitely one of my last big hold outs.

thisismecindy says:

I need to try this bc I’ve been unsuccessful with tofu scramble lately. I relate to what you said in the description

Allen Stephens says:

Devouring all the delectable content across your myriad of tasty channels is satisfying my cranial hunger! Looking forward to the next visual feast!

Dean Moore says:

Going to definitely give this ago. Not used soft tofu before, I normally find myself using extra firm or silken in my cooking. I've made scrambles before, but using Just Egg, and while I enjoy it, it kinda gets expensive…lol.
Thank you for the video.

Eric's Vegan Van says:

Looks delicious. I’ll have to try the soft tofu. Usually use firm.

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