Waldorf Salad Recipe From Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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The Waldorf salad may be over a century old, but even today, it remains a timeless American classic. The apple and walnut salad was first created in the late 1800s at New York’s legendary Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, where it’s still the most frequently requested recipe on the menu. We stopped in to the kitchen where it all began and saw firsthand how the original Waldorf salad is prepared. See how the salad’s prepared — it’s even lighter and more refreshing than you might think! — then get the recipe.


Pink Llama says:

1:55 cross-contamination. Yummm!

Ciscoho says:

I think Fawlty Towers had more to do with educating the world on what a Waldorf salad was than any marketing scheme the hotel ever came up with.

Elena Loboda says:

Awful! It’s not good

Sonia Joubert says:

Love the salad dressing, and the julienne apples! Great advice!

Andre Silva says:

First thing I do before esting that salad is to make it look like a salad. Mix the whole thing together.

Doug Prentice says:

Stick to the original.

Sarah Pedro says:

Years and years and years of hearing about how elegant and awesome truffles are. Then I got my hands on some and voila…..rotten foot.

Minal Pateriya says:

what a wonderful recipe 🙂

M C says:

Why not mix a little Mayo with yoghurt to give at least a hint of what the original tasted like? There was no sugar added to the original as the fruits sweetened and contrasted with the mayonnaise. The walnuts were not candied with spice in the original. They were plain toasted.

GeminieCricket says:

No, I wanted the original recipe, dang.

Joseph Barredo says:


bett fon says:

In 1896, the salad appeared in The Cook Book by "Oscar of the Waldorf".[6]

The original recipe was just apples, celery, and mayonnaise.[7] It did not contain nuts, but they had been added by the time the recipe appeared in The Rector Cook Book in 1928.

Frank Santos says:

Horrible interviewer.

Khurram Mirza says:

Very nice salad warld roof

Veronica Funky says:

I stayed at the waldorf a long time ago..hahaha

Richard Head Gaming says:

Listen Mr W.A. wannabe, stop trying to spice up something that just plain tasted good. You have ruined a good thing taste is everything and you polluted what did taste good.

GandalFarCough says:

“She said, as she stared deep into the core of my soul…..”

Vee Cee says:

Some things are perfect in their original form and don't need to be changed; the Waldorf Salad is one of those things. If the chef wants to make a nouvelle version, fine; just list it alongside the original version and serve both; it would be interesting to see which version is ordered more frequently.

Stephen says:

What if you were all out of Waldorfs?

sarah louise says:

ugh. how hard is it to find a recipe for a CLASSIC Waldorf?? NEXT!

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