What are the Five Mother Sauces

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Chef Alexis Jones explains how to make the five Mother Sauces, which are the basis for most French sauces.

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ChurchMouse says:

Everyone has their own fancy style of making the mother sauces which is where the headache starts. You've taken the headache out of it. Thank you very much. Great vid

E Johnson says:

0:35 I think she meant béchamel is the mother sauce for Alfredo sauce. I’ve never seen lasagna made with bechamel sauce, but might be up to something.

QwsT says:

Hollandaise is not a mother sauce.

Brent Davis says:

Thanks P. Allen!!!

John Fernandez says:

Can you substitute flour for corn starch

Scott Leclerc says:

Super quick and to the point 😍

Servina Evaristo says:

Very educational so thank you!!!

our kitchen says:

Thumbs up!
You’re gorgeous ,I love the way how you cook.Thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us.

Amit Bouddh says:

Very nice thanks chef Great and easy method for everyone

Modest Mind25 says:

So it's brown gravy, white gravy, tomato sauce, cream sauce and hot mayo. Got it👌👍

Jonn Ramaer says:

best ever summary on theses sauces!!

toomuchfourU says:

Those sauces looked too thick

Don Walheim says:

Good god, WHHHYYYY can't every cooking video be this succinct?! This was lovely, thank you.

Adrian says:

shes got more pots and pans on her stove then I got in my whole kitchen

Gigi Gennaro says:

Very good and simple video. Thank you. No stupid stories or pretentiousness.

Lore Sanchez says:

Teacher most explain crearly

Lore Sanchez says:

Bad diction .terrible

Tyler Saunders says:

wheres ketchup and buffalo sauce those are my mother sauces yo lol

in all seriousness does ketchup and pizza sauce come from that tomato sauce or are they their own things

Stray Productions says:

Hollandaise is not a mother sauce anymore and it was never a mother sauce because it was a mistake

jomsart says:

Actually mayonaise is the mother sauce! Not hollandaise. The english translator mistranslated the original book.

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