8 Savory Raw Food Dinners I eat to maintain 40lb weight loss / The Frugivore Diet #shorts

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Vegan Raw food diet dinner recipes that are healthy, tasty and end in maximum weight loss without any calorie restriction. i eat these meals to maintain my 40lb weight loss for over 10 years now.

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The Frugivore Diet says:

these are some of my favourite raw food dinners on the frugivore diet. i don't eat them every night but quite often. i always aim to get in 2000 calories from sweet fruit first before eating any savory dinners so i don't under eat on fruit! i also usually include a salad like lettuce or greens from the garden. enjoy, frugivores 🙂

Crystal Nyla says:

Feta ? I’m confused isn’t feta goats milk ( cheese) 😢

Annie Margareth says:

Freelee, please look at ”Vegan the epitomy of malnourishment” by Sve3ige on Youtube. I would really like your take on it. It made me stop my raw vegan attempt.

CF1091 says:

Yessss!!! Thank you for this video!!! 😀

Plant Based Ethos says:

Looks amazing, multiple thumps up for this! Now i´m hungry already jeje

Angel Marie says:

I NEED the physical copy of go fruit yourself 😭😭😭 I can’t wait till it’s on Amazon


Are these all available in the go fruit yourself ebook?

Bear With Me Girl says:

These all look so delicious!!!!! 💗💗💗

Joy Montague says:

When will this book be available on Amazon? I like having a hard copy.🔰 📒📚📕📓📑📖

Hannah Banana says:

Freelee, could you please do a video about gaining weight? For example, I am currently underweight and trying to gain weight and would love to hear your thoughts on how you’d suggest going about this. Would you suggest including fats, nuts, pasta etc until at a healthy weight?

Dolma Sherpa says:

Hey Freelee I got your “go fruit yourself” ebook today. Super excited 🤗 thank you for your hard work publishing these books and liberating many lives through your knowledge. Once I finish reading and absorbing this one I will order your other two physical books. Thank you again. You are such an angel 👼

gabrielle bock says:

What do you mean when you say “sun sautéed” is that an actual method or just a saying?

Ye Dig says:

Try eating keeto diet and see what happens

Ye Dig says:

Show us ur real teeth

gigi f says:

hi freelee! i love the daily uploads and have been loving raw til 4, i hope to make a testimonial for you in time, as I'm still only a few months in myself. i was wondering if you'd consider doing a q&a video to answer questions about the frugivore diet/RT4? i'd love to see it! either way, thanks for continuing to spread the message!!

María José Rubio says:

OMG These looks so good!!😋

Yennifer Lee says:

So glad I have yours books!!! These look too good 🤤😍

Praise Seitan says:

I love these type of videos I think they’re my fav ones ❤️

T Cam says:

So are these recipes in your “Go Fruit yourself” book or “Naked Lunchbox”?

They look delicious!

Vegan Marine says:

That creamy Indian curry looks like heaven 😍

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