Best Doughnuts In Every State | 50 State Favorites

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We list the best places to get doughnuts from every state in the US. Many mom-and-pop shops just know how to make good classic doughnuts, while others are newer artisan shops that have more fun and decorative doughnuts that are equally delicious. While Dunkin’ Donuts is pretty great, it did not make this list.

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Best Doughnuts In Every State | 50 State Favorites


Sherry Hatcher says:

California should be Trejos.

Sherry Hatcher says:

You know Delaware sucks when they are best know for a donut chain from Duck, NC.

silverskiiys says:

y’all. go to duck donuts if you live in california. that place is so underrated, you can put anything you want on your donut AND it’s so warm and it’s hot when it’s served because the donut is made right in front of you. this video didn’t explain it very well, but yes, pleaseee go there it’s my favorite it’s just the best donuts ever

tentacle porn man says:

the narrator's vocal fry makes me want to give her a cough drop

Matthew Bedient says:

Ahh so essentially, the best doughnuts in the biggest cities of each state. Not the actual best doughnuts in the state.

Morgan Tate says:


Sunday Vibes Roblox says:

Stans donuts is the best in california.

Jay Chesser says:

Cowboy doughnuts are the bomb in Wyoming I'm there every Saturday morning.

Brady Ard says:

Pinkbox is not the best doughnut in Nevada. The best Doughnut is from Friendly's in Henderson.

Uke 4eva says:

You forgot voodoo doughnuts for Colorado.

Non-Traditional Love says:

I love Rebel Doughnuts!! They're amazing😍😍

A happy Albuquerque, New Mexico Native💜

josh pereira says:

It's Birmingham not Birming-ham as you pronounce please learn how to speak English properly.

P0T4SS1UM M4ST3R says:

It’s bo sa not bo sah

Shane Kristian says:

Trendiest Donut holes, not favorite.

Avi Cooperman says:

3:41 it should've been Mrs. Murphy's in Southwick. So much better and it's a small buisness.

Avery Robinson says:

Yo not gonna lie in Louisiana Tastees donuts smack

B Yeahbubb says:

I wonder where these guys get their information from?
Some of their info not entirely right

Jake Kuhl says:

Being from Wisconsin the greenbush apple fritter is so good.

chack white says:

The idiotic windshield timely hum because iran particularly injure failing a aspiring utensil. agreeable, yellow slime

VICMAN119 says:

How about Wisconsin??

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