Date Night Dinner | Basics with Babish

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Canapes, pastas, and desserts you can make for date night…or just any occasion.


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My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!

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ironmac wade says:


Anny Mouse says:

Ok, so I'm going to make the ricotta baguette thing at least

Nick Kline says:

Just babish playing with his eggplant

dog says:

Me knowing this is useful
Me also knowing that I've never going to ever have a date night

You can probably guess the images using the ideas in your head

- says:

if someone cooks this for me during a first date i might consider marriage for the first time

Joshua Romero says:

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Joshua Romero says:

The complex milk generally warm because sundial enthrallingly deceive on a lavish train. panoramic, lush feeling

Nathaniel Johnson says:

what if i use pre-ground black pepper

Chilled Gaming says:

Where can I get that laxer thermometer?

tyler says:

Babish knows, trimmed fingernails > clean shaved junk on date night.

Afia Amrin says:

this is so kind. you did al these dishes for her. it might have took a long time. awww so sweet .

fob911 says:

I don’t think I love anyone enough to spend 8 hours making all this

BerryBear Cub says:


Chris Whinery says:

Pesto is delicious but you have turned it into broccoli. You, sir, are a monster!

regenerator99 says:

is this supposed to be basic? lol

Unknowned Leaf says:

i like to think he left his wife to eat the food and went to do a brand deal

lacy elizabeth says:

Anyone else starving after watching this!

Davistgy Bridgetwvu says:

The glossy payment symptomatically flower because woman recently add anenst a marvelous rate. workable, abundant shoulder

Andrew Maxwel says:

I don't believe there is still a real vendor in youTube untill I meet dumpsandrew on telegram you are legit bro 💯💯💯

darexinfinity says:

You didn't explain how to get a date 🙁

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