How to make gimbap (aka kimbap: 김밥)

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Full recipe:

Gimbap is a delicious Korean seaweed and rice roll that’s perfect for picnics and potlucks. It’s sometimes called “Korean sushi”, but the rice isn’t prepared with vinegar like Japanese sushi, it’s made with sesame oil.


K A Y E says:

Mangchiiiiii thank you for this! May I ask how many days can it stay in the fridge?

Stark Raven says:

Beautiful!! …and the gimbap looks lovely, as well.

Sam Fouche says:

I made this yesterday – it was great!! And enough leftover to make again today – just with different 'stuffings', but still delicious. Thanks @Maangchi for giving me the confidence to go ahead and try.

Birmingham John says:

전통김밥이면 빨간쏘세지가 들어가야 맛나요. ^^

Harsimrat Kaur says:

It looks soo tasty but unfortunately some ingridents are not available here😢😢

rssvzn says:

Her: everyone wants to go out on picnics

伊恩baby panda says:

you're soooo cute unnie ❤️❤️❤️ i love how you give us glimpse of korean culture… i'm excited to try this recipe… 감사합니다

Angel says:

She is so sweet… 🥰🥰

seansfc says:

Thank you nuna

Himashree R V says:

Can we add something else instead of beef ? Like chicken or meat? !

Michelle Russell says:

My daughter and I made these last night. The bomb!

No body says:

I’m not subscribed, but I find these videos somewhat regularly when I’m looking for new recipes.

I love this lady! She’s so wonderful. All around positive energy and happiness, she’s the best 😀

Liên Võ says:

Thank you so much for teaching how to make gimbap

Tetei Khiangte says:

Siam ve a ei ve chakawm viau thin na chu… "Tui ngawt ang chu" tih ah ka tawp zel a😁

yan aridah says:

Tq sis .. i would like to try it! Its healthy..

정청호 says:

와 밥이랑 단무지 다 갸꿀맛 보인다 근데 한국에서 못구해서인가 재료가.. 맛살.햄 미아요 고기 시원하게 넣어서 ㅋㅋ

Anggie Ardhanareswari says:

Maangchi cooking eggs with hands!!!!

Shreenidhi Shreenidhi says:

Can we use chicken breast or lamb 🐑🥩meat instead of 🐂🥩beef

Emma Cruickshank says:

Thank you so much! Can't wait to try now, you are so good at explaining, very good quality video and sound 😊

Kyle Hearnsberger says:

From this video, I apparently learned something I had no clue about – chalaza of an egg. Had no clue that word chalaza even existed, 🤣. That’s cool. And that gimbap looked amazing.

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