Indian Guru Tries To Convince Gordon Ramsay To Be Vegetarian | Gordon's Great Escape

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Gordon goes to an ashram in southern India to try out vegetarian food made by a guru. Do you think Gordon will be convinced that it’s better to have a vegetarian diet than a carnivorous one?

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kevin reginald says:

Vegans everywhere got a tight slap across the face at around @5:40.


Get veg that’s true brings peace calmness and meat brings a lot problems such as Utica acid

Joan Doe says:

Try saying the four letter word, and he'll be a convert ! Because that's the only word his mother taught him !!

Dante Marin says:

Trying to turn a foreigner to a SANGHI THAYOLI

Luca Azeri says:


Primus Consultancy says:

This guru is chutiyaaaaa BADA wala, you plz carry on.

Nazia Syed salman says:

We have cannine teeth to eat meat lol

jagadish Nandivada says:

Gordon's new friend dissed him for sitting like his grand mother

Christian says:

There is a difference between being chill and docile.

Christian says:

I feel so bad for them, they all look malnourished and infertile

nishant says:

He ain't trying to convince him. He is just presenting the opinion. One thing sadguru doesn't do is try to convince anyone. People just volunteer 😁

Syed Nayeem Uddin says:

He ain't guru.

Marcos Menendez says:

The slippery gong intialy retire because billboard logically undress concerning a complex charles. probable, remarkable cover

Kannu S says:

I Never Believe In God Man
Fake popularity Fake promotion
Actually they're doing a business .
He encroached acres of land in Coimbatore including River too.I really feel pity for the innocent people ….

Haela says:

Gordon: "I am calm."
Everyone with a television: "…"

A says:

He’s vegan now isn’t he?

Ali says:

Gordon: Have you been talkin to her behind my back
Guru : no evil laughter

Ali says:

Feelings does not emotion waao

Abilash Judas says:

This oldman is a 💯💯fraud nd cheat dnt encourage these kind of fraudsters he was once a weed peddler murdered his own wife

Tejasvi Thakare says:

Don’t ever listen to a Indian guru and that’s a fact

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